Zoe Saldana new series ‘From Scratch’ on Netflix challenged her emotionally over her father’s tragic death during childhood

Zoe Saldana had a really tough childhood after she lost her father at the age of 9. And from there she went on to become a great Actress is something really inspiring. Zoe fans have also ranked her as one of the most brilliant actress and a down to earth person.

Zoe is going to play the lead role in upcoming Netflix series named “From Scratch“. Zoe said in an interview with USA TODAY during a Netflix event held at Hollywood lucheon by Elle Latinas in Los Angeles “The worst part is that how much try to forget it, it keeps on haunting me. I may look happy as if there’s nothing to worry but the truth is I am trying to manage everything.”

Plot of ‘From Scratch’

The upcoming Netflix series ‘From Scratch’ featuring Zoe Saldana will be a 8 episode series. The series will be based on the life of a young girl named “Amy” Amahle Wheeler who goes abroad ‘Italy’ to pursue higher studies with am ambitious vision of becoming an artist.

After joining the college she meets and get attracted towards the chef Lina and falls in love with him. Her love story goes on with Lino until he returns back to US with Amy and with that they start to get apart and finally get separated.

Zoe said: “It was a really emotional roller coaster ride when I speak about the journey I had during the filming of the series. It was really tough for me knowing the fact that this series is gonna test me mentally and physically but still I had to wake up everyday and go for shoot.”

Zoe Saldana new series From Scratch on Netflix challenged her emotionally over her father's tragic death during childhood
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But Zoe is also well aware of the fact that its is these sad and intense acts which makes you a great actor and evolve you as an artist.

The series ‘From Scratch’ has been directed by a Ex-Actor and a director “Tembi Locke” and her younger sister ‘Attica Locke‘ who is a known television show producer and a writer. The series is mostly based on the 2019 Tembi’s Biography, which goes around the life of Tembi’s husband Sara well being who suffers from a rare type of tissue cancer, then how she goes on to fight cancer and gets recovered.

“We have already seen many movies and series based on the life of a person fighting a tough health battle, but there is this thing which most of times goes unnoticed is the person who supports and stand with the person who is fighting the battle, Saldana further added.”What will happen if they have left this battle, and what will they do with their left pieces?

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It was really important to be well aware of the past before the ‘Adam Project’ and the Actor from ‘Avatar’, who lost his father in 1987 during a car accident. ‘I can understand what it feels like to lose your father at a young age, but It is much more worse for one’s mother who loses her husband, that pain and grief is really hard to explain” added Saldana, who herself is a mother to three children and a wife to Marco Perego Italian actor.

Saldana realized after working on this series that how one feels when they loses their partner, but still these conversations makes me feel uneasy.

“Even if we have talked through this in past several times but still it hurts when you go through such a tragic incident in your life, it leaves you shattered and alone.” She further added “After filming this series it helped me to recover from my past incident and also to look at my life in a different perspective”.

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