Tory Lanez blown Harsh on August Alsina to respect his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smitt | August fight with Tory | 2022

Tory Lanez, Canadian rapper has been recently in news cause of his fight with August Alsina. He made controversial comment on Instagram that he don’t want to shake hands with August and further adding that he won’t betray on Jada Pinkett the way August did.

Tory Lanez blown Harsh on August Alsina to respect his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smitt  August fight with Tory  2022
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Tory Lanez says in his Instagram post that he ain’t here speak on August Alsina’s loose lips. On July 11th, Saturday Tory finally decided to release a new song which will be inspired by Jada Pinkett’s popular show “Red Table Talk” with Will Smith, his Husband. In the song Tory will discuss majorly about the rumored relationship “entanglement” with her Ex-August Alsina.

After people came to know about the new song, they started speculating and it became a interesting topic for the people to gossip. At that instance, Tory showed up and share her old song “We Paid” an old Lil Bay’s remix and their old rivalry with 42 Dugg.

There’s a controversial bar in Tory’s new rap saying “I’ll have sex with Jada, and I won’t betray her like August”, Tory’s fans are shocked after hearing to his rap.

Although he might be sending the video clip on behalf of Will Smith and his family, Tory then break out his emotions on twitter on July 10th to sarcastically comment on account of Pinkett Smith’s relation. He humored on how he used to be with August when they were in a relationship. So, now a interesting question arises whether they were really “tangled”.

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Tory wrote asking “Please anyone let me know that how is this considered an affair and not an actual relationship”.

Tory’s latest rap is an indirect hit to August Alsina and is among the latest of the recordings by the Canadian rapper Tory Lanez in order to defend Black women and their whole Black Community. On July 11th, Saturday, Tory dropped a subliminal note after Ex- NFL defense player Kyle Keiro was ‘stunned’ that people nowadays considered Jill Scott to be sexy as he is a soulful singer.

In reply Tory wrote “I can never trust a man who says Jill Scott is unattractive”.

In an interview,the release date for the Bullied Rap by Tory was not revealed, over the course of weekend Tory dropped two songs which were part of “392” with VVS Ken and “Stacatto” by VVS Capsule.

Tory Lanez and Augusto Alsina were allegedly got in a physical relationship during Saturday Night.

A rude statement was allegedly made on Augusto, that said Tory wanted to punch Augusto. August has been really annoyed since Tory’s earlier comments when he mentioned that he wouldn’t have betrayed her by revealing Jada and his relationship, like the way August did back then. August deliberately asked Tory to keep the same faith in her like before, especially before making some impolite comments.

When the people around Tory asked him to confirm whether it was true, he left a wholehearted reaction to the media and left abruptly without explaining the whole situation. Prior to this fight Tory announced his new album “sorry 4 what”, which will be releasing on 30th September comprising a total of 18 tracks. He has been really working hard on his music albums as he had already released “Fargo Fridays” recently . Fans have been really appreciating his work lately, and so he tried retro 80s touch in his albums.

Watch : Staccato by Tory Lanez

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