The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz charged FBI for the secret files against the band

When The Monkeys where in their Tour in 1976, they played two thongs of their album screaming teenagers During that concert one FBI informant got to know that there was an indirect message which was displayed on the screen which had political belief hurting the sentiments of left wing. Which the FBI got to know from their archived file of “The Monkees” those documents clearly displayed some disturbing pictures of Berkley riots, Vietnam war, Salma & Alabama riots and which also had a negative response from the audience.

The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz charged FBI for the secret files against the band
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One small part of the archived file obtained by the FBI was published to the citizens several years back, and now as Micky Dolenz is the only member left, he had filed a legal action against the FBI. Mickey Dolenz is now hoping that he could get a hand over the remaining of the file under “Freedom of Information Act request”. This legal action includes the rights that he could obtain any data/information that the FBI holds on him or any of his band members. Mickey Dolenz is trying his best to prove his and his band “The Monkees” innocence and have taken all neccesaary actions against the FBI in order to do so.

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Mr. Dolenz hired a lawyer named Mark S. Zaid who had filed this lawsuit on FBI on behalf of Mickey. Mark is a specialist in “Freedom of Information Act ligitation”. He was also a active member in the team who spoke for the government when they were facing serious charges for the Ukraine Scandal in the year 2019 under the rule of Donald Trump which resulted in the first indictment for Mr. Trump. But way before he started helping Donald Trump he was a huge fan of The Monkees.

Mark got his first impression on the band when he was a child his nurse who was ten years elder than him gave him her selection of Monkees albums from the year 1975. Then he said that it was moment that he became a big fan of The Monkees and he went on to see their group perform in 1986. He had got a chance to witness the band eight times and he even met Davy Jones few years before he lost his life.

Mark met Mickey through some common friends not lately, and he gave Mickey a proposal saying that it would be exciting to see that FBI really had any file or documents on Mickey or his band or they were just trying to bluff. Because at that moment, mark was not even sure whether that tempting part of the file released to the public in 2011. So, he speculated that there might be some fishing and he’ll work on bringing out the truth.

Moreover, The Monkees doesn’t seem a band that would get noticed by FBI, mainly at that time when several bands/groups like the fish, Country Joe and even MC5 were protesting against the Vietnam warfare. Whereas on the other hand The Monkees were one of the most beloved bands in America in the year 1966 & 1967, and also they raised their voices peacefully against war through their songs like “Last Train to Clarksville” that depicts a story of man who is going to war fearing that he will not ever see his love of life again.

But apparently, what the FBI finds at the end of this hearing still remains a secret. The documents conceived by the FBI is censored slightly and it refers to a different document realted to the first which has been tampered completely. That would put allegations on The Monkees that they were privately helping the Black Panthers or Weather Underground but that’s not it seems from the document. Mark said that The tampered document might also show an Informer Identity which will probably be the person who was attending the concerts in order to stand him against The Monkees to testify.

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