‘The Mayyas’ winners of America’s Got Talent season 17 | list of finalists 2022

America’s Got Talent season 17 has now finally got its winner.

The show has been running from past several weeks, and now finally the champion of the season 17 edition of America’s Got Talent are ‘The Mayyas‘. The group was a Lebanese female dance troupe who have won prize money worth $1 million and a grand opportunity to perform at The Luxor Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas.

The Mayyas was first noticed by the Americans when they performed a show-stopping audition at the show and then the judge ‘Sofia Vergara‘ was really impressed by the performance and she was the first judge to hit the Golden Buzzer.

The Mayyas winners of America's Got Talent season 17  list of finalists 2022
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Through the same live audition, the group presented another fascinating performance , on account of which other judges and the chief producer predicted that this dance group may “change the world”.

“They are ready for Vegas, I would love to see them perform”, another judge Heidi Klum announced the people right after coming on the live show “I think they are wonderful, their costumes it just leaves you amazed, there were so many wow moments during their performance I couldn’t recall. There is a element in their dance which hypnotize you”

“According to me personally, this is the most splendid, stunning act I’ve witnessed in a long time while judging for this show.” said judge Howie Mandel. “It’s like something which can’t be described, pleasing, stunning and one of the most powerful performance. And also considering the place and culture where they come from its really difficult to compete and stand apart from others. They are setting up an example for women all across the world. It has to be this group who will be the front face for women’s empowerment.”

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Speaking more on the positive side, Nadim Cherfan group’s founder said to ‘PEOPLE‘ : “Its absolutely beyound imagination, we couldn’t put these into words, getting so much compliments from these legendary judges will surely boost our confidence and we will keep on performing better. “

On last Wednesday, the dance group put up another another great show while performing in the finals. Cherfan later conveyed PEOPLE that they can’t feel more honored about themselves as for all they had achieved.

“Each and every moment for us in this show has been memorable right from our starting performance when we got selected with a Golden Buzzer and then going on to semi finals and the final’s tonight, everything we have achieved has been a dream come true for each member of this group, ” he further said “we are not worried about the title anymore, for us our main motive is to present a wider message for every people around the world to believe in themselves and especially for the people of our country to provide hope in these tough times. “

The excitement was at its peak when the final started on Wednesday and it got intense at the ending stages when the results was going to be announced.

The finals started with a brilliant performance by the America’s Got Talent Alumnis ‘The Black Eyed Peas‘ and ‘Light Balance‘ before the host and judges Terry Crews praised the final performances by the America’s Got Talent season 17 finalists.

Then the 11 finalists presented their finals acts of America’s Got Talent season 17:

  • The Mayyas
  • Artifical intelligence group Metaphysic
  • Magician Nicolas Ribs
  • Singer Sara James
  • Pole Dancer Kristy Sellars
  • County Group Chapel Hart
  • Saxophonist Avery Dixon
  • Comedian Mike E.Winfield
  • Magician Yu Hojin
  • Singing Ventriloquist Celia Munoz
  • Singer Drake Milligan

There was some special guest performances by former America’s Got Talent winner ‘Magician Shin Lim’, Milligan with his fellow band members singer Jon Pardi, and Chapel Hart performed duet with Darius Rucker. While in the comedy genre Winfield was given an opportunity to take part in Cowell’s comedy rant and to share the stage with other comedians from season 17 Lace, Tom McMillian and Mr.Larrabee’s Pants.

Watch the Finale performance by ‘The Mayyas’

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