‘The Lord of the Rings’ : History of Fellowship Members in the Novel and Things you need to know before watching “The Rings of Power”

Now as the released date for “The Rings of Power” is coming closer why not we go down the memory lane and discuss about the history and origin of the characters of “The Lords of the Rings”. The complete “Lord of the Rings” trilogy is expressed from the point of view of the friendship of a collection of heroes set in the ancient age. They took the responsibilities of their people to safeguard them against the evil powers of Sauron and his ring. But perhaps we know very little about the individual members their race and when moved out to Rivendell conquest the evil?

‘The Lord of the Rings’ : History of Fellowship Members in the Novel, "Rings of power"
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The members of “Lord of the Rings” comes from a group of ancient age with each one having a different trait, there is one person coming from each race. Gandalf comes from Maia : Angel who guides the liberated peoples in their fight against the evil; Boromir & Aragorn they act for the Men; Legolas, represents the Elves: Gimli, is for Dwarves. Now the only one left is The Hobbits who is to be counted upon, but untill then he wasn’t concerned about anything that relates to those masses.

The Nine from “The Lord of the Rings” emerged out out of Rivendell and go along with the nine wraths of the Ring, and in the coming year they will transform themselves as a weapon in the war against the Sauron. Eventually, many fans are still speculating that how old is each member of the fellowship, particularly when Aragorn claims that he carries the gift of being the longest lived man and a successor of the Dunedain and also he says to have walked this land for 300 generations of human lives.

If we talk about the origins of membes of “The Lord of the Rings” normally people speak of the history that’s beyond the period over 10,000 years, but in case of members of fellwship of Lords of Rings we are primarily concerned with the third age of fictional universe of Tolkien’s. The hunt for the One Ring began mainly in 3018 TA, so that’s where our answer lies if we are looking for the age of the members of “Lords of the Rings” that’s the year we must note down in Arda’s calendars of Fellowship.

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First lets talk about Frodo Baggins, the most important character of the fellowship and a protagonist who have made several appearances in Peter Jackson’s movies and the concentrated reshaping of the timeline can result in confusing many first time readers of “The Lords of the Rings” who have started liking this fictional character. As Frodo Baggins was born in the year 2968, which end up makinh him 50 years old even before the fellowship is found.

Speaking of the next character Samwise Gamgee who is a bit younger compared to his master, but there’s only a small difference. When the Hobbits moved out of shire The Gardener was 38 years old and was born in the year 2980. Meriadoc Brandybuck who was 36 years old born two years after Samwise. Peregrine born two years after Samwise and was 34 years respectively.

Coming to The Wizard Gandalf who was among the Istari, the most experienced wizards. Gandalf is one of the oldest wizard making him as old as time, he is from over 10,000 years old back which is the time when the fellowship didn’t even start their journey. Lets just for the sake of discussion, suppose we calcualte his years back from the time when he first set foot in Middle Earth as a Representative of the Valar in the Third Age. The Istari took the form of Gandalf the old men and arrived on the continent back in 1000 T.A., which still conclude us to the fact that Gandalf was atleast 2000 years old making him the oldest among the fellowship.

Gloin son of Gimli is atleast put on his years proudly as he is 139 years old in “The Fellowship of the Ring”. Pointing to Aragorn, who was promised to be one of the king, but since his bloodline refers back to Numenor, so eventually he is graced upon with long life.

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