Netflix 17 new releases this week ( Sep 21st – 24th) | The Bling Ring : Hollywood Heist 2022

A movie ‘The Bling Ring‘ released in 2013, by one of the underrated directors of all time ‘Sofia Coppola‘. Emma Watson played the lead role in the movie alongside Katie Chang and Israel Broussard, the plot of the movie basically revolved around a group of teenagers who were obsessed with celebrities and they eventually plan to rob Hollywood superstars such as Orlando Bloom and Paris Hilton.

Netflix 17 new releases this week ( Sep 21st - 24th)  The Bling Ring  Hollywood Heist 2022
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So, Netflix meanwhile have created their own mini series of 3 episodes based on the story of The Bling Ring that’s more of a featured film which will focus on the same plots and events. Along with the release of Netflix’s series “The Real Bling Ring : Hollywood Heist” there will be several others shows and movies releasing this week on Netflix.

The Bling Ring will be streaming on Netflix for the first time on September 21, apart from this there are 17 more Netflix series and movies are planned to be streamed from September 21 to September 25. Netflix confirmed that ” that the actual story of The Bling Ring will be conveyed to the audience through the series which no one have dared to tell till now..”

Netflix planned releases for the coming week

There has been immense buzz around prior to the release of the new Netflix series Bling Ring: “The story follows with the group of notorious teenagers who robbed the Hollywood stars and now have released after 10 years from the prison after serving their time. And the group now come forward to narrate their story which includes their Hollywood Hills housebreaking that shook the whole nation. This tale will be set as an example for the new-age teenagers that what could possibly happen when the socially active teens get so obsessed with the lifestyle of celebrities that they end up committing a crime.”

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Coming to the other Netflix series and shows planned for this week, there’s a exceptional show that you don’t wanna miss is coming with its 2nd Season a Swedish crime thriller ‘Snabba Cash’. There will be a separate article where we will discuss more in detail about this show, but I bet you that this series has to be among the most underrated shows that you will come across on Netflix. Snabba Cash will be streaming on Netflix from 22nd September,2022.

The English adaptation of the show is titled “Easy Money“, which will provide you an overview and and complete synopsis of the story, which motivates a legal personnel to a aspiring startup owner, facing against the negative bosses and multi millionaires, which eventually binds the audience.

Here are the complete list of Netflix shows streaming from September 21:

  • Iron Chef Mexico ( Netflix Series )
  • Designing Miami ( Netflix Series )
  • The Real Bling Ring : Hollywood Heist ( Documentary )
  • Fortune Seller : A TV Scam ( Documentary )

List of Netflix Series Streaming from September 22:

  • Thai Cave Rescue ( Netflix Series )
  • Snabba Cash : Season 2 ( Series )
  • The Dreamline of Georgie Stone ( Documentary )
  • Karma’s World : 4th Season ( Family )

Netflix has planned to release 2 new series next week which had already created hype among the fans:

  1. Fate : The Winx Saga Season 2 : After a successful season 1, Netflix is back with the 2nd season which includes the old cast from the previous season Stella played by Hannah van Der, Aisha by Precious Mustapha, Riven by Freddie Thorp, Jacob Dudman as Sam.
  2. Do Revenge+ : If you are among those movie fans who love to watch 90s classic, then you don’t wanna miss this, the movie essentially revolves around a vengeance story settles in a undercurrent atmosphere. ” Camila Mendes as Drea who is teenage high school girl, her entire life gets ruined up when her boyfriend allegedly leaks their sex tape”.

List of Netflix shows streaming on 23rd September:

  • Anthena ( Film )
  • A Jazzman’s Blues ( Film )
  • Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega Season 2 ( Series )
  • Pokemon : The Arceus Chronicles
  • Lou ( Film )

And Finally Netflix Series streaming from 24th September:

  • Fullmetal Aichemist The Final Aichemy ( Film )
  • Dynasty Season 5
Watch Trailer of The Bling Ring : Hollywood Heist
Watch Trailer of Snabba Cash

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