Taylor Swift felt emotional after receiving her AMA 2022 for “Red” | She thanked fans for supporting re-recorded tracks

Taylor Swift have left everyone amazed in the recent American Music Awards 2022, the American Singer was seen in a glowing Golden dress and her long beautiful blonde hair. Swift received her award for the best Pop Album for her track “Red” released back in 2021 in the American Music Awards 2022.

After Swift was announced as the winner, before she appeared on the stage she first hugged Sabrina Carpenter, the American Singer who was seated just aside Swift. Then Swift went on to receive her award and after receiving it she got too emotional, as she said “While I recorded this album it was difficult for me get it perfect the first time, so after few failed attempts we were able to deliver the perfect track. I can’t express my feelings as I am so overwhelmed on receiving this award, re-recorded tracks means a lot to me and this is really special for me.”

She further said “I wasn’t expecting this at all and had no expectations from this track that it will catch fans and critics attention. So, i am really glad that you all cared for this track and this album and this will surely remain forever in my heart.”

Taylor Swift felt emotional after receiving her AMA 2022 for Red She thanked fans for supporting re-recorded tracks
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Swift then gave special credits to support artists who all featured in the track and her producer Chris Rowe for giving her the opportunity to produce such bold and captivating album. Chris believed in her as it needs spine to produce such “elevating” and re-creating that album. Swift further thanked the band members who traveled with her all along the tours, which includes Phoebe Bridgers and Chris Stapelon who were the major band members.

Swift even thanked Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink who played a major role in the Red’s music video. Finally she gave credit to her closest friend Blake Lively for being the in charge of direction in video “I Bet You Think About Me” alongside her partner Miles Teller with her beautiful wife Kelly Teller for performing in the musical video.

At the end Swift concluded by thanking her fans, she said “And at last for my fans, I can’t thank you guys enough for all love and support. I would request you all to please continue to support me, this definitely means a lot.”

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Taylor Swift’s Red is Re-recorded version of Red LP released in 2012, this re-recorded version was initiated after the discussion among the producers and Swift then they finally decided in 2019 to bring back this track after 10 years with some modifications. This version of Red was followed by six different major recordings by Scooter Braun’s Holdings which is Swift’s official studio.

Till November 3rd 2022, Swift’s version of Red has a total of 1.94 million of views from the date of its release November 12, 2022 which is almost equal to the views of other Album units. Based on the reports from Luminate, the Original version of Red which was released in 2012 managed to gain a total of 220,000 similar album units in the same amount of time.

Apart from this Swift won several awards in AMA 2022 which includes Favorite Country Female Artist, Favorite Pop Female Artist, Favorite Music Video and Favorite Country Album. After she received the Award for Popular Music Video in AMA she got too emotional and gave credits to her fans and crew members.

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