Stranger Things famous ‘The Byers Family House’ is now for SALE | Hidden facts of ‘Stranger Things’ | 2022

There is a exciting news for Stranger Things fans, as The Iconic Byers Family House is out for sale. Correct, you heard that right – the house of the legendary letters wall is now available in the Market for sale at $300,00. Although, the show is made in the fictional state of Hawkins , Indian`. this house is originally situated in Coastline 149 Rd, in Fayetteville GA.

According to the Real Estate listing by Zillow, the house was built lately in the year 1900, it’s a 3-BHK house spread across 6 acres of land. It is furnished with central conditioning and even two bathrooms.

Stranger Things famous The Byers Family House is now for SALE Hidden facts of Stranger Things 2022
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Stranger Things series had been really popular among the fans since the day its 1st season was streamed. The series is so popular that the makers had to put up barricades near the house to restrict people from gathering around the ‘Private Property’. So, you can imagine the amount of madness and love is there among the fans of this series.

Although Netflix has been one of the best OTT platforms recently, yet they are not ready with the house. And before you could ask your friends and family over to have a detour of the Stranger Things house, the house requires some considerable repairs as it hasn’t been used for quite a while now.

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The Zillow listing strictly mentions : “Don’t be in hurry to visit the house with upside down detour, as this house currently needs a overall repair”. But if the house gets a interested and wealthy buyer, then they can start the repair work right away. Also according to the paperwork, this house can even get modified into a multi dollar AirBnb.

Recently it has been a trend of providing AirBnbs of renowned TV shows and movies on rent for different occasions. Like for example Sex in the City Apartment owned by Carrie Bradshaw was sold to the AirBnb Market in 2021.

So, I am sure you all must be really curious about the famous Byers Family house in Stranger Things. The day House got listed in the Zillow listing, within two days from the day of listing around 3700 registrations were done and 135,000 people viewed the listing. Most of these registrations and views are possibly the people who are meddling around the internet dreaming about their lives in that house, however if you are genuinely thinking of move in, it’s worth of giving a shot.

What can fans expect from Season 5 of Stranger Things?

Season 4 came on Netflix last May,2022, So even before this season was about to release the makers assured that there will be another season. Series makers in an interview said “Seven years back, we prepared the entire plot for Stranger Things.” they added: “During that time, we anticipated that this series would go on till 4 to 5 seasons. Eventually as fans started liking the series it got huge”. As for now in season 4, but as we go forward we are reaching towards our finale season. Season 4 is going to be the second last, and Season 5 will be the end game.”

Sadly, as there is no official announcement by the makers on release date of last season. Yet we know there are less chances that we will be seeing new season in 2023 or even 2024. So this gives us the opportunity to recap complete season or even decide on buying the auctioned house.

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