Popular Gospel singer Keith ‘Wonderboy’ Johnson died at the age of 50

Keith ‘Wonderboy’ Johnson, a American Gospel Singer and composer also known popularly known Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson has reached the heavenly paradise. The “Somehow He takes Us Through it All” singer who used give joy to fans through his soulful songs has now died at the age of 50. Based on external sources, Keith died on Friday 30th September, 2022.

This has been a really tragic news for all of us and we will surely miss Keith Johnson’s melodious voice. Keith will be in our hearts forever and we will cherish his songs for the rest of our lives. Please read below to know more about the cause of his death.

How did Keith ‘Wonderboy’ Johnson died?

The legendary American Gospel singer Keith Wonderboy Johnson died last Friday at age 50. This news was primarily shared on social media by Black Gospel Radio and Larry Reid Live.

Popular Gospel singer Keith Wonderboy Johnson died at the age of 50
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An official Instagram post by Black Gospel Radio take the internet by storm which mentioned the sudden demise of everyone’s favorite Keith Johnson. The group paid their homage to Keith : “This is sad and grieving to hear the sudden death of our beloved Keith ‘Wonderboy’ Johnson. Our heartfelt prayers and sympathy goes out to his choir family, relatives, community and to all who were connected with Keith. Even though Keith is no more present among us, but his music will always be there in our hearts and souls.”

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Although the major reason behind his death has not been revealed yet. May his friends and family recollect the strength and power to go through this tough time. People from all across the country are sending their messages and solace to Keith’s family and friends.

History of Keith ‘Wonderboy’ Johnson

Keith ‘Wonderboy’ Johnson was born in 1972 on May 17th in Brooklyn city of New York. Keith got his popular stage title ‘Wonderboy’ when he was just 5 years old and during one of his performance when people heard him sing they were amazed by his voice and he eventually got named ‘Wonderboy’. His father Philip Johnson was the first person who taught him to sing, then going forward he used sing with his father and his uncles. He was so much into singing that he was even able to sing with holy voices from his soul.

Keith started his singing career professionally when he released his first album in 1998 “Through the Storm” which was aired on World Wide Gospel Tracks. After his first album he started getting recognized by people all across the country from which he gained a lot of confidence and then released his 2nd Album through World Wide Gospel “Our Gift to You” on 24th November in 1998.

Going forward he released back to back albums in following years. His third album came in the year 2000, on 25th January “Live and Alive“, “Will You” was his fourth album released on 3rd October, 2000. “Tribute to Quartet Legends” being the fifth album in his list whose 1st Volume was released on 6th February in 20221.

The next album in his list was “Send a Revival” which was released back in 2002 on 28th May, Moving on to his seventh album which was “New Season” released in 2004 on 20th April, his next album which was 8th in the list “Our Gift to You” in September 2004. He had a long musical journey and the last album was released in 2018 “Keep Pushin“.

During his entire career, he went on to release 18 albums in total which is a big milestone for any singer. He worked for under international labels such as Worldwide Records, World Wide Gospel Records, Blacksmoke Records, Central South Records and Verity Records.

After Keith’s recent demise, many singers and artists paid their homage on social media, including musician Titus Showers and song composer Ted Winn.

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