Ryan Karazija, the founder of Low Roar and Death Stranding famed musician died at 40

Ryan Karazija, a Low Roar’s leading man and the owner of the famous Reykjavik music died at the age of 40. This has been one of the tragic news for the music fraternity recently, Ryan fans are deeply saddened by his sudden demise. This news was made public by the Low Roar’s official Instagram account.

Ryan was suffering of illness from past few before he lost his life. He was always a role model for musicians who aspired on becoming a singer, starting their own band. The iconic band ‘Low Roar‘ was originally founded by Ryan. The band was formed back in the year 2011with its origins from Iceland.

Ryan was famous for his iconic music and his witty lyrics, and when he used sing those songs in his haunting tone, it left a great impact in everyone’s soul who used to listen to him across the world.

He was best known for his iconic track named “Death Stranding” under the production house of Kojima, this track went on to become one of the most hit track of his career and also it was featured as the title track for the action game held in 2019. It’s a really motivating story behind how Kojima influenced Ryan to be a part of this project despite of all their differences.

Ryan Karazija the founder of Low Roar and Death Stranding famed musician died at 40
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One of the Eurogamer in an interview, the chief member of one the renowned Metal Gear Band and of the ‘Silent Hill Series‘ acknowledge that once when he was in Iceland, he unintentionally came across this uinque music by Low Road while I was shopping with my partner.

As soon as Kojima heard the song, it felt so relatable to him and not only him all of us can relate to that song. Right at that moment Kojima decided that he will be the member of Ryan’s Band Low Roar. The whispers which came from the radio when Low Roar was first witnessed by thousands of audiences.

“At first I also thought that there’s a slight bonding between game and the Low Roar. And if we are lucky enough to bring together the great idea of Death Stranding and acoustic digital sound by Low Road then it would create history,” Kojima revealed this story when he was asked about the origin of their collaboration with Ryan’s Low Roar.

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Even though Death Stranding had other soundtracks and highlighting sounds but still the impact which Low Roar made among the fans was impeccable. On the other hand, Karazija had no clue over when did Sony contacted them in the first place for signing up Low Roar.

It was not until the final trailer of Death Stranding was streamed that people finally came to know that Low Roar have created a soundtrack for the game. And it was from that moment, when Ryan and his band didn’t looked back, they went on to create hit music and got popular all over the world.

Kojima’s couldn’t control his feelings after Ryan’s death, he tweeted saying that “I can’t believe that Ryan is no more, it’s shattering to hear this. I couldn’t stop thinking about this. I would request all of you to pray for his soul. If it wasn’t for Ryan, Low Roar would never have been existed. We should all be proud of him and his work”.

Karazi won many awards in his career and one of them was for his track in Death Stranding under the category for Best Score at The Game Awards in the year 2019, in addition to that he was nominated for several other categories and won most of the awards.

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