Robert Downey Jr. surprised his fans with his new bald look | 2022

Robert Downey Jr. have took the internet by storm after his new look on the red carpet. The actor have surprised everyone by his new bald look.

Iron Man” famed Robert Downey Jr. is known for his weird yet funny appearances and surprises his fans every time. This man Robert was seen in the 13th Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Governors Awards along side his beautiful wife Susan, nevertheless some of his fans even confessed that they failed to recognize Robert Downey Jr.

Reporters took several shots of the Marvel actor while he was walking down the Red Carpet. The actor was seen with a complete bald look which was completely different from his past brown spiked hairstyle which took everyone present there by surprise.

Once the photos of the actor got viral on internet, fans took the social media by storm and started sharing the picture with surprised and mixed emotions. Some fans were confused at first whether it was really Robert Downey and was completely surprised and shocked by his new look.

One of the fan said “Robert Downey Jr. new bald look completely shocked me”. The other fan said “I had no words to express my feeling after seeing Robert Downey Jr. in this new look.”

Robert Downey Jr. surprised his fans with his new bald look | 2022
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One of the fan tweeted “It was hard for me to believe at first that it was really Robert Downey Jr.”

It seems that since Halloween Robert have been experimenting with his look. We have already seen Robert’s kids play around him trying to give him new haircut, so we can only guess that this actually a result for those experiments.

In a recent video posted by Robert on Instagram, we can see the actor asking his kids to cut his hair as he needs a new look for his upcoming movie “The Sympathizer” also he is not willing to wear a cap to hide his baldness.

Robert’s son then disclosed his new look by posting his pic on social media, in the pic we can see his son painted a picture of pumpkin on the backside of Robert’s completely trimmed head. Robert noted a funny caption on the pic, he said “Sometimes its really hard to understand what your kids are trying to do and the things we do entertain our fans.”

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There are mixed reviews for Robert’s new look from his fans, some are appreciating Robert for the fact that he actually involve his kids to help him with this new look, and many fans did praise his new look on Instagram and Twitter.

Watch Robert Downey Jr’s Son shaving his head

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