Robbie Coltrane aka ‘Hagrid’ died at 72 | Harry Potter fans are shattered by this news

Robbie Coltrane popularly known as “Hagrid” from the famous Harry Potter series died at the age of 72. Robbie started his acting career way before he first came in Harry Potter series in 2011, but he will always be remembered by his fans as the most lovable Hagrid. Harry Potter fans who have lived and enjoyed every part of the book and the movie are devastated by the death of Hagrid.

When it comes to Robbie’s acting career, it’s almost impossible to not remember his role as Hagrid because that’s what separate this actor from his every other movies which he had been a part of. The character of ‘Rube Hagrid’ who will forever be in the hearts of Potter heads as the beloved Hogwarts Keeper of the Lands and the Keys.

After the news of Robbie’s death yesterday 14th October, 2022, his fans from all over the world are sending heartfelt messages and prayers for the actor and his family. We all must stand together and support his family during these tough times. His fellow actors have posted on social media to show their love and support for him, he has always been known as the iconic giant character who have left his legacy behind. Some fans have shown their respect for him on Twitter, Instagram by remembering his historic dialogue “You are a wizard, Harry” from Harry Potter.

Whom we all know as ‘Hermione Granger‘ played by Emma Watson sent her condolences for the actor. She always considered Robbie as one her closest friend when they were together during the making of Harry Potter. She is shattered by this news and will always be grateful for his kindness and guidance.

Robbie Coltrane aka Hagrid died at 72 Harry Potter fans are shattered by this news
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Emma Watson wrote in her tweet: “His was such a brilliant actor that despite the fact he played the role of a giant character it never felt odd as he was born to play this role.”

“I don’t think I would come across a person who is as kind as you were, you were always there whenever I needed someone to guide me. I’ll be forever in debt to you for everything you did for me, right from being my closest friend to guiding me during the starting days of my career. This makes me really sad going through all our old posts and memories”

Surely, gonna miss every moment I had spent with you, your great laughter, your jokes, your funny nicknames, your affection. You made sure we all work as a family. There would be no Hermione without Hagrid, you made us complete.

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The character of ‘Draco Malfoy‘ played by Tom Felton, who always used to be against Harry Potter and was somewhat a antagonist in the movie have also showed his love for Coltrane saying that “he was contrary in nature if we speak of caring of others, If I consider myself I was someone who always kept myself ahead of everyone whereas Hagrid always helped others”.

“There was lots of memories I had working with Robbie during Harry Potter. If I could recollect one of my most memorable scene when we were shooting in the dark forest at night. I was so scared as I was just 12 but Robbie made sure that everyone is comfortable and he made that scene so easy for me and the others. I have always looked at him as a fatherly figure who always guided and cared for you.” Tom wrote on Instagram “He always cracked joke and made us laugh, even if he was giant character but on the other side he was too friendly in real.”

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