Kardashian News : Kim fans disappointed as Ray J intimidated Kim to reveal the controversial sex tape | 2022

Recently there has been some buzz around regarding the sex tape being leaked of The Kardashians so the singer Ray J have stepped up and claimed it to be fake. After the new series released in Hulu recently it has bought back the the same questions on Kim Kardashian related to that sex tape in front of the public. It’s been a long time about 20 years since the controversial sex tape came into news, and not until recently the tape came back to haunt her when her son Saint West caught a sight of an advertisement of footage from the tape while he was playing his game Roblox. The incident has really disturbed Kim mentally and it has been affecting her life ever since, she is also concerned about her family and more importantly her four children.

Kardashian News  Kim fans disappointed as Ray J intimidated Kim to reveal the controversial sex tape  2022
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During the Saturday Night Live show the story of Kardashians has been continuously running from two to three episodes as Kim being the guest in the show. She had been taking advice from her supervisor Kris Jenner, and she has been trying her best to stay away from all the controversies so that she could focus more and deliver the monologue perfectly. Everything seemed to be under control and in favor of Kim until few hours prior Kim took the SNL stage her Ex-Husband Kanye West came back from a flight to Los Angeles to fetch the rumored unseen footage from Ray J. Kim tried convincing Kanye that nothing was disclosed regarding the tape during the show and that the tape didn’t contained any inappropriate footage rather it had some old holiday pictures of them and some footage of her’s enjoying with her boyfriend in a club at the dinner party.

Although, Ray J has now claimed that the things are not how they appear with the Kardashains. Th Hollywood had unlocked a closed Instagram account of Kim where she shared a clip in the past. The clip was from a episode where Kim revealed her sister Khloe Kardashain and Kris a laptop that Kanye West gifted her, which had controversial pictures in it. Bur from an old comment which has now been deleted, Ray J claims that it was all a lie and he can’t let them do unjust anymore. She then edited and re posted the older comment, after that her fans in support of her poured down comments and mainly directing Ray J, claiming that he has been the renowned family name for his benefits.

This isn’t a new story for many Kim’s fans, as during a podcast interview in January Kanye has already clarified the situation in his Instagram post where he faced a sudden downfall over the fact that Kim was in a new relationship with the SNL actor Pete Davidson, they have been dating from past nine months.

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Then Kanye explained the whole scenario that was seen on the show, but Kim’s spokespersons cleared afterwards, assuring that `there was no sex clip on the alleged tape. Nevertheless. some of the Kardashian fans are still in doubt of the whole tale, saying that Kim must have been aware of her son using an age-limitations account, and if she was then there is no chance that the word “sex tape” should have passed the filter. While on the other hand some fans are conveniently claimed that Kim’s son Saint hurried up to his mother with the game when the cameras rolled for the premiere episode of the show.

While Ray J didn’t mention anything else, he claimed that it won’t be too surprising as nowadays reality shows saying ironically the shows are far from reality as they mostly manipulated for Entertainment and publicity purposes. And also the Kardashian have a history of faking things, like if you go back to the Photoshop controversy in Disneyland. It is unclear whether Ray J has ever planned to explain the real story behind it, and if does explain he must be ready with a proper justification.

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