Olivia Wilde closes down Don’t Worry Darling gossips amidst controversy | 2022

Among the fully loaded star cast including Harry Styles, Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, Sydney Chandler, Nick Kroll, Douglas Smith, Dakota Johnson and Natasha Kalimada and all the superficial drama during the shoot, Olivia Wilde’s new movie Don’t worry Darling is among the news since the day it was announced and the people of Venice can’t just stop gossiping about it. Everyone have been eager to know what are Olivia Wilde actual thoughts since the day she faced the world’s media before the premiere of her movie and after the days passed amidst the controversy due to Shia LaBeaouf’s backing off from the movie and Florence Pugh unwillingness to face any media.

Olivia Wilde closes down Don't Worry Darling gossips amidst controversy | 2022
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But the gossips soon cam to an end after Olivia Wilde stepped in and stopped all rumors by saying that everything in under control and then the press meet organizer stopped all the reporters to ask from asking any further inappropriate questions. When Olivia was asked about why Florence couldn’t make it to the Press meet, so Olivia replied stating “Florence is influential; even though she has been busy with the production we are grateful that she could make it to the premiere”. And regarding all the rumors, there are constant gossip everywhere, and internet is a web feeding itself and we can’t much get into that and make it worse.

“Can I ask about Shia LaBeaouf”? asked the other journalist. No, said the organizer Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan, as this has already been communicated.

Olivia Wilde closes down Don't Worry Darling gossips amidst controversy | 2022
Source : YouTube

Expectations for the press meet reached a high on Monday, as there was immense rush for the reporters due to fast filling of the spots last Sunday. According to Sources Pugh was not present in the meet due to her delayed flight from Dune 2 set off from Budapest and she couldn’t make it to the meet. Even Though she was expected to have to have walked down the carpet, address the press conference and be present at the Premiere.

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Meanwhile, fans have gathered in huge numbers have arrived outside the Palazzo del Cinema right from early in the morning just to get to catch sight of Harry Styles. His power packed performance during the Timothee Chalamet’s event left people charmed and amazed.

The Musician Harry Styles who has featured as a lead role in a movie for the first time in his career, he had acknowledged to all gossips and rumors around on social media. Despite the fact there is sense of negativity running around but we must not deny the fact that there’s lot of positives too happening around the world because of it.

Further Styles praises his fans for supporting him and giving him “letting him experiment out of his comfort zone”. He said speaking of his career moves : “Music and acting are polar apart in many aspects”. Composing music is a intimate experience and in terms of acting where you’re adapting a different character where you are mostly pretending to be someone else which is what I enjoy the most about acting. In addition to it, he said that when he is acting he literally has no idea what he is doing at some point.

From the last few weeks, the concern of what actually happened on the set of “Don’t Worry Darling” has now become a global topic of discussion. Gossips and Rumors related to why LaBeouf actually left the movie and thus why Pugh’s is lacking support from the public after the fact that she has been casted in the movie has been circulatiing continuously on her social media everywhere from Twiiter and Tik Tok.

Wilde herself has been in a really tight schedule as she is been busy with direction works and also credit goes to her non-disclosed relationship with Harry Styles right after her parting ways with Jason Sudeikis who gave her the legal papers to sue her infront of all her crew members.

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