New Sitcom ‘Blockbuster’ is out on Netflix | Created Buzz around retro movie lovers

Blockbuster” a recent Sitcom released on Netflix. The series streamed on Netflix from November 3, 2022. The show is fictionally based on the life of managers and workers who are working for a last known video store named as ‘Blockbuster‘ and so their further struggle to get a job in new modern technology companies.

And as per the actors from the show Randall Park and Mellisa Fumero who felt like nostalgic while filming for this show. As the fictional video store shown in the series was stocked with retro 90s and 80s collections.

Fumero acted funny during the series premiere event, he said “It feels gross walking on this carpet”. On the other side, Park said “the spots were accurately priced”.

All the specific details from the show which included the authenticity of the retro video store and each quotation used to keep it original “Be humble. Start fresh” – these phrases used were not only for fun but it had some layers.

The cast Fumero and Park made sure that anyone who enters the store must not feel that it’s a fictional store rather they must feel it original.

Fumero stated “It felt so good to see everyone who entered the store and getting amazed by all those archived collections, by looking at their faces it felt like they were relieving their childhood.”

New Sitcom Blockbuster is out on Netflix Created Buzz around retro movie lovers
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Park further added to it saying “that this was entire new experience for me as I felt like I was stepping into my childhood blockbuster store. When I first entered this place I felt completely amazed by all the collections.”

But it’s not that easy for everyone to relive those old moments. The store Landlord’s daughter Kamaia Fairburn is too young to relate with the stuffs from the store, so Fumero and Park help her to get acquainted with everything in the store. After that she feels good while exploring the store.

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Fumero recalled one of the memories from the shoot when he said “There’s this thing, during the weekend we started exploring different stores in search of some good stuff for entertainment. In today’s time its really difficult to find a perfect source of entertainment which you could enjoy with your family and when we found our Blockbuster it made our life a lot easier.”

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