Makers of ‘Dark’ have released poster of ‘1899’ | Everything you need to know about ‘1899’ | Netflix | 2022

The creators of one of the most viewed German series ‘Dark’ which streamed on Netflix are now coming up with a new show ‘1899’ which will soon be aired on Netflix. Dark was directed by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar and the same duo is again returning for the series ‘1899’ which is expected to be thriller ride. The series is planned to be released in the month of September 2022, however for Netflix viewers it will be available by November 2022. Here’s every interesting details you need to know about the upcoming thriller German series.

Makers of Dark have released poster of 1899  Everything you need to know about 1899 Netflix  2022
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The series will be set up as a Periodic Drama, as you must have got an idea looking up at the title. For the predicted plot, you can read below. The series will mostly fall into the genre of Thriller and horror. The entire production team have started their work on the show and the cast includes some big names from German film industry and you can checkout the teaser of the series on YouTube. We have gathered every information related to the new series from Dark creators and the production company named ‘Dark Ways’.

Plot of 1899

We can expect something extraordinary from ‘1899’ as the creators of Dark are working on this series. The duo Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar have already gave a hint that viewers will be getting a larger than life experience while watching the series. And they have also made it clear that this time there won’t be time travel. “This time we are coming up with a whole new story which will surely leave our viewers guessing”. Jantje added “the series will be based on our spiritual roots. Each person on the ship will be hiding their secrets. And all the sub plots when combined it will result in a puzzle. As Dark series fans already know what we have done before, so everyone must be damn sure that this series will be wild and full of twists and turns.”

Watch official teaser of ‘1899’

The official press meet with the creators of ‘1899’ have provided a lot of synopsis details of the series: ” Story starts with a migrant steamship sailing from London to New York in West in order to move out of the Old Continent. The people traveling on the ship, are a diversified group of European descent, and they are united by their dream for the 21st century and moving abroad. The story takes an interesting turn when they come across another ship with migrants sailing on the open sea. And eventually their journey which was hoped to be salvation for these people with a promised land now turns into terrible nightmare because of what they experience on board.

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Cast of ‘1899’

Last year in December, Deadline revealed that Emily Beecham who won the Cannes Film Festival Award had been casted in 1899, her Character’s name will be Maura Franklin. She is popularly known for her roles in movies like Little Joe, Cruella and The Pursuit of Love. There is another huge entry in the cast of ‘1899’ as Andreas Pietschmann who played the role of Elder Jonas in Dark. Fans already loved the character in Dark and they will be really excited to witness him in ‘1899’, his character’s name will be Eyko Larsen. There are several other characters which will be seen in the upcoming series ‘1899’ :

  • Alexandre Willaume (from ‘The Wheel of Time’)
  • Anton Lesser (from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’)
  • Aneurin Barnard (from ‘Dunkirk’)
  • Lucas Lynggaard Tonnessen (from ‘The Rain’)
  • Richard Hope (from ‘Piece of cake’)
  • Jonas Bloquet
  • Mathilde Ollivier

Netflix released the poster for the upcoming series ‘1899’

Netflix released the poster for the upcoming series ‘1899’ yesterday. It is one of the most hyped show which will we streaming on Netflix in November 2022. The poster depicts some messages encrypted in Morse code, which was a efficient communication mode during the time at which this series is set.

Some fans are speculating that they have decoded the morse code and found out that the release date will be 19th November. The morse code can be decoded if we look through the light appearing from the ship.

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