Michael Pitt, an actor, tied to a stretcher for allegedly throwing objects on people | gets admitted for mental issues | 2022

Michael Pitt, 41, a renowned American actor, singer and model from BUSHWICK, BROOKLYN who is known for his roles in Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers, Murder By Numbers, Funny Games. He has been allegedly hospitalized as recently he was charged of throwing stuffs at people from a terrace last Friday on September 9th. Despite the fact he was just taken into remand, and was not charged with any serious allegations as the incident is currently taken as a mental disorder issue.

Michael Pitt an actor tied to a stretcher for allegedly throwing objects on people gets admitted for mental issues 2022
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According to a report by TMZ, a person witnessing that incident allegedly called 911 that a man has been throwing things at people from terrace. The officers quickly responded to the call, and arrived at the scene to arrest Michael Pitt, who is known for his famous gangster role Jimmy Darmody in an Emmy award winning show Boardwalk Empire but the officers didn’t charged him eventually for the crime due to his unstable mental status. In a video received by TMZ, Pitt can be seen wearing black shorts and attached to a stretcher and was immediately taken to a hospital by medical officials. While lying on the stretcher, pitt was in a state of unconsciousness, looking at the sky and moved his head to the other side. So looking at these evidences on the clip they concluded that Pitt was mentally disturbed and hence they didn’t charge him and made sure to send him to the hospital.

As of now, the current condition of Pitt is yet to be revealed, but as per the reports he might be unconditionally sent to a psychiatric facility, based on a report by DailyMail.

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During his childhood, Pitt studied in a Catholic High School before his parents admitted him into youth home and detention center. When he turned 16, Pitt moved finally moved out of the school and in 1991 he got his first break as an actor when he was signed for the role of Henry Parker for Dawson’s Creek. Going further he played the role of a trans superstar Hedwig in one of the cult classic movies of all time “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” in 2001.

Michael Pitt’s past arrests

The actor, who is most popular for hs criminally underrated roles in “Murder by Numbers”, “Boardwalk Empire”, “The Dreamers”, “Last Days”, “Funny Games” by Michael Haneke are some of the movies. He was arrested back in July for theft and assault at the exact location where he committed the crime last week. Pitt reportedly grabbed the phone from a person’s hand and repeatedly knocked him on the head before grabbing his phone. Luckily, the young male experienced minor injuries according to reports by DailyMail.

Going back in 2014, Pitt forcefully took a car while shooting an advertisement for Rag and Bone, a clothing brand without the owner’s consent. According to a source during that time ,”Pitt was vanished from the place from past 20 minutes and he was not even answering the phone. Also he wasn’t carrying his Driving License with him. The owner got angry and lost his mind before calling 911 and informing a NYPD officer who was on-duty traffic control officer on the set.” But eventually everything was under control as Pitt returned the car and all the charges were withdrawn, according to reports from Yahoo.

Michael Pitt’s upcoming shows

According to report last May, Pitt has signed up few series and movies for the coming years. He will be seen starring in Sculptor’s Media crime thriller ‘Black Files’ alongwith Tye Sheridan, Katherine Waterston and Sean Penn. He is also prepared to act in upcoming Netflix crime thriller ‘Reptile’ with Justin Timberlake and Benicio Del Toro working for Black Label Media.

Watch the video of Micheal Pitt tied to stretcher

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