‘Miami Dolphins’ fans are in trouble after they brought strippers to celebrate the win against ‘Buffalo Bills’ | NFL 2022

The Miami Dolphins are going to end their NFL season 2022 in a spectacular manner. And their fans on the other hand are preparing for a grand after win celebration.

Last week on Sunday, moments before the match between Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills, the Miami Dolphins fans created a ruckus in front of whole public by setting up a tent just near the parking lot of Hard Rock Stadium, Miami and they brought strippers just for the sole purpose of before match entertainment.

This whole situation became awkward for the normal public crossing by, it just felt unethical way of celebrating a football match and that too during such a big tournament.

The “NFL memes” , a renowned news channel which covers every events and news that’s related to NFL (The National Football League), they taped the whole incident which proved Miami Dolphins fans actions were illegal and charges need to made against those people. ‘NFL memes’ also warned the citizens leaving near by and those who are planning to visit the stadium in near future that the place is not safe and also requested the authorities to take necessary action against them.

Miami Dolphins fans are in trouble after they brought strippers to celebrate the win against Buffalo Bills NFL 2022
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People might assume that Buffalo Bills have more number of fans as compared to the Dolphins in the NFL. But as the season gradually coming to an end Dolphin fans are increasing drastically.

If you ignore this recent incident then we have always seen Dolphin fans to be really sporty and they are one of the coolest group of fans you would ever across with, you might as well join them even if you are a non Dolphin fan.

But during the final on 25th September, Miami fans took it to a all next level when Miami Dolphins beat Buffalo Bills in a close encounter by 21 -19, the fans got crazy and they started celebrating on the streets with strippers, alcohol and created a scene near the stadium.

The news channel has recorded everything where we can see strippers from a substitute strip clup dancing on the street beside the Hard Rock Stadium where the final match of NFL was held.

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The whole atmosphere near the stadium was electrifying as we could hear continuous music being played with the fans enjoying their teams win. The fans on a hot Sunday afternoon near the Hard Rock Stadium park were seen throwing cash all over the streets, and dancing with the strippers as they tried to live that moment larger than life.

There has been mixed reactions from all over the country on social media, some thought it to be normal as according to them it was done just for fun while for others it was really a disgusting way of celebrating a teams win “This has to be one of the main reasons for not to visit Florida”.

One of them said “That’s awful! does anyone have any idea when is Miami scheduled to play their next home game? so that I should be careful in advance.”

On the other hand, one of the fan took the advantage to tease the rivals : “Precisely speaking as we all AFC East fans are having hell lot of fun excluding the New York Jets fans”.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_i4P35-0XQ

Sunday was memorable day for the Miami fans who got recorded in the video while celebrating their teams win, particularly when their team defeated the Buffalo Bills and remained undefeated going into the 4th week of the NFL.

If by any chance we see Dolphins fans celebrating again in this manner as Dolphins are going to play against Cincinnati Bengals on coming Thursday 30th September.

So, the Miami fans will have to control themselves till October 9th, when they are scheduled to host the match against New York Jets, on that day we’ll find out that whether the parking lot celebration gets repeated or not.

Victory moments after Miami Dolphins beat Buffalo Bills

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