Marvel’s ‘Black Panther Wakanda Forever’ Trailer 2 released | Mutants are back into the MCU

Marvel fans have been really excited for the most awaited entry of the Black Panther franchise into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we are geared up for the release of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” on November 11th, 2022. The teaser which was released few months back have already created immense hype among the Marvel fans.

And when recently Marvel Entertainment aired the Official Trailer 2 of Black Panther : Wakanda forever on 4 October, 2022. The trailer have certain glimpses of Namor and he can be seen flying over the submarine and also we could witness Shuri for the first time in the Trailer with entire Black Panther suit.

But the center of attraction in the trailer is undoubtedly Namor as its enormous appearance has left the fans amazed. Fans are really excited to witness these new entries into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and their Superhuman abilities. The trailer also had some hidden clues which directs the association of Namor with mutant genes.

Some Marvel fans didn’t liked the Idea of mutant connection for the upcoming Black Panther movie. The origins of the Mutants first came into Marvel back in 1993 when 20th Century Fox purchased the rights of Marvel Studios. Fox came up with many legendary series of Marvel which includes Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and the X-Men series.

Marvel Black Panther Wakanda Forever Trailer 2 released Mutants are back into the MCU
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Back then Namor’s movie rights were sold to Universal and when Marvel finally announced it in 2016, but the distribution rights of the franchise is still not clear.

These issues with MCU is not something we are seeing for the first time. Like for instance if we look back at the Hulk series whose distribution rights was originally purchase by Universal. This has been main reason why we haven’t seen another standalone movie on Hulk apart from The Incredible Hulk. So, we have only seen Hulk in supporting roles in various Marvel movies.

When The Walt Disney Company acquired huge shares of “21st Century Fox” worth $71.3 billion in 2019. Now the interesting part is Namor’s upcoming movies will be under The Walt Disney which brings us to our next big question that whether we would be seeing movies on Fantastic Four, Deadpool and X-Men? The Black Panther trailer 2 answers our question as we have already seen glimpse of Namor and his return to the MCU have created lot of Hype among the Marvel fans.

Not just Namor but the rights of word ‘Mutant’ is now back with Disney. The origins of Namor comes from comic book based on human hybrid Altantean mutant which first came in 1939 making him one of the unique Marvel characters.

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So, despite the fact that it came after 2016, but Marvel has always planned to bring back the mutants into the MCU. And now they have got an opportunity to introduce one in the MCU.

This shows that how Marvel have carefully integrated the highly powerful characters of “mutants” back into the MCU.

Marvel fans have dreamed it for years to see Sony and Marvel together, and now their dream had come true as now Marvel has already brought back Spider-man back to MCU which turned out to be good for both the production houses.

Now as Marvel have finally started introducing mutants in the MCU, Marvel fans are focusing on minor hints to get an idea of actually were the mutants are placed and their future in the MCU. When Marvel first introduced the concept of Multiverse in Mcu fans were really confused as to how it will end up. On the other hand it seemed a easy way to introduce the mutants back into MCU.

When we talk about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Doctor Strange met the illuminati and Wanda Maximoff who is itself a mutant and her back story is so complicated right from her childhood and to losing her brother.

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