Marilyn Monroe’s Biopic ‘Blonde’ starring Ana De Armas on Netflix falls under controversy after being rated NC-17 | 2022

Last weekend Ana De Armas fans watched the most hyped upcoming Netflix show Premiere named “Blonde“, which attracted people’s attention mostly because of its NC-17 RATING for few indecent scenes.

There have been many films already made over the years based on the life of a well-known actress ‘Marilyn Monroe’, until recently there’s new upcoming biography movie based on her showcasing compassionate and friendly side of her life. The role of Marilyn Monroe will be played by the famous Spanish actress “Ana De Armas”, we have already seen her in several movies recently No Time to Die, Knives out and the most recent one released in 2022 “The Gray Man“.

Marilyn Monroe's Biopic Blonde starring Ana De Armas on Netflix falls under controversy after being rated NC 17  2022
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The film has been directed and written by Andrew Dominik, who is known for some cult movies like ‘Chopper’, ‘Killing them Softly’, ‘One more time with Feeling’ He and he had also won many awards for his movies. He had displayed Marilyn’s Character as a bold actress and different shades of her life. Last Year September, Andrew in his debut appearance at the Venice Film Festival was welcomed by a standing applaud lasted for 11 minutes after the premiere credits roll off.

More Hidden facts of movie ‘Blonde’

While the movie received negative praises from the critics due to its NC-17 rating, the movie received the NC-17 rating mainly due to its excessive sexual content making it the first Netflix show to fall under NC-17.

The Film’s director Andrew Dominic reacted to all the rumors related to the movie in his social media post, he said he is really surprised that the movie is receiving negative reviews from the critics cause of its NC-17 rating. H e further added ” It was due to the widespread movement #MeToo which motivated Blonde to take a stand and become successful in her career. It was that glorious moment when people had to believe in women’s choices which was a boon for this patriarchal society back then.

” Meanwhile before I started thinking that whether people were actually concerned about how Blonde displayed specific American holy cows and then that turned into a glorious moment when it didn’t concerned much that whether they were holy or not. And then it was that moment which made it finally possible”.

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Prior to Blonde, the movie ‘Blue is the Warmest Color‘ released in 2017 was rated NC-17, which turned out to be a successful movie at the Box Office despite the fact it contained bold sexual clips. This movie collected approx $20 million at the box office in 2017.

Monroe have been always surrounded with controversy in her career, right from her affairs with popular figures like Ex-President John F.Kennedy and the critical incidents leading to her at a young age of 36, so it turned out that the Ex- Hollywood actress still remain in the hearts of her fans even after 60 years of her death.

In an Interview with Queue, Ana De Armas said “Our film is not typical or regular, this is made in order to give a sensitive and emotional experience to the viewers”.

This film is based on a Novel by Joyce Carol Oates, it was a bestseller from the year 2000. The Novel is based on a story of a teenage scared woman who is trapped in her career as a Hollywood star.

The film has many scenes which are inspired from some of Monroe’s cult classics like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and The Seven Year Itch.

Ana De Armas who belongs to Cuban Native similar to Marilyn Monroe, the film has many renowned actors who takes on anonymous form of old Hollywood actors, so that Monroe fans could relate them.

Monroe’s two Husbands role has been played by Bobby Cannavale and Adrien Brody, and role for Norma Jaene’s mother Gladys is played by Julianne Nicholson. The film also include few stars like Evan Williams, Sara Paxton and Xavier Samuel.

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