Mariana & Fabiola Puerto Rican Divas are happily married | 2022

Mariana Varela, a Argentina model and Fabiola Valentin, a Puerto Rican model are now finally married. Mariana have been already awarded as Miss Argentina and the winner of the Miss Puerto Rican for 2020 edition. The couple posted this news on Instagram last Sunday.

“We decided to keep our relationship under curtains from the moment we were together, we revealed this news to ours on a special occasion on 28 October 2022” the couple wrote this message in Spanish.

Mariana, 26, and Fabiola, 22, the couple had even posted a short clip in which we could see them together, which included their engagement shots, pics of their twinning Platinum rings, and also some of their couple moments spent at the beach and with her friends and family members.

The video ended with the couple hugging each other outside the courthouse.

The fans welcomed this news with showering comments on the couple pictures on social media, the fans showed lots of love to the newlywed couple. Some of them included Abena Akuaba who have been awarded as The Miss Grand International celebration.

Mariana & Fabiola Puerto Rican Divas are happily married
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The couple confessed this to HOLA magazine: “MGI congratulated the couple with a beautiful note in the comments”. The couple first met during an event in 2020 and they started to be friends after that.

Mariana also participated in the Miss Universe event in 2019 representing for Argentina where she eventually went on to be ranked among the top 10 ranking.

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The event Miss Grand International was first took place in 2013 and was originated from Thailand, Bangkok.

Its main motive was to “this news will prove as a symbol for peace and love all across the world,” based on the company’s official site, which proves “that it’ll act as a powerful message of human awareness against all odds”.

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