Madonna, 64, disgusts herself by drinking from a dog bowl in her viral video, she flaunted her things and toned legs

Its just another day where a Instagram post has created a buzz on internet all over the world. The post mainly features the Great Madonna, who is known as the Queen of Pop.

Madonna, who is aged 64, have recently posted clips and shots which includes The Stooges “I wish I’d be your dos,” and nothing else. Lets deep dive into it.

At first, Madonna looks stunning. She is seen wearing a gorgeous green furred sweater sponsored by the Sexy Grinch, big elegant gloves, black shining trousers, high ankle boots. I am not sure how can someone even think of wearing that outfit in an outing, but I still loved it.

Her back and Legs looks bold than ever and it’s amazing to see that pop, drop and hooked as it’s said by the kids or at least what I heard when I was a kid.

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Madonna 64 disgusts herself by drinking from a dog bowl in her viral video, she flaunted her things and toned legs
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Nonetheless, the video begins with a decent presentation. Where we can see Madonna riding a green bike and then gives a savage pose across the entrance door. In a different shot, Madonna wears a sun-glass and then goes on with her work. Then the Plot suddenly shifts when she is gathered all around by plenty of autumn leaves, the visuals were magnificent.

Madonna then goes to visit a goods store where she hunches over a quarter of siracha and then she is seen hiding the bottle in her booty and ran away from the store. This made things little suspicious and the fans started speculating.

Moreover, the real spotlight in the complete video was when Madge leans down on the floor and drank water straight from a dog pot. And it was this scene which created a lot of rumors over all social media sites. The clip went on to become viral with millions of views. People started sharing the video on social media and raised their concerns on the video.

Some people even stated that “It seems somethings not right and she might be in a bad phase of her life.”

People are bringing back some weird moments from her past, one of them stated “People might feel okay to have just licked something from a dog bowl with high filters on their faces. Maybe this is the trend in your 40s. And this is not the first time, she had even licked water from a cat bowl in the late 1990s.”

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These things which she is trying to do is just a way look young in her mid 40s. Some are not so worried about these acts from Madonna but there’s a group of people and for them this is too weird. Some fans even claimed that she had lost her old touch and grace. There are other ways to catch everyone’s eyes but this is not a appropriate way of catching everyone’s attention. And this is the last thing you would think of Madonna.

Despite of all facts, no matter what you think of her video but the truth is she is humiliated in the complete video. Speaking of the words from Winfrey, Oprah and we must enjoy.

Watch the complete viral video of Madonna

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