Mimi Parker : Low’s vocalist and drummer died at 55 of Ovarian cancer

Mimi Parker, a known vocalist of Rock Band “Low” and one of the finest soprano singer and drummer who dedicated her life for the success of her band, has indeed lost her life after fighting a long fight with ovarian cancer which is also known as EOPPC.

Mimi’s husband, Alan Sparhawk who is a famous Low Frontman have revealed this news on his official twitter account, he tweeted : “I feel shattered while sharing this news with you, Our beloved Mimi is not with us anymore, she passed away last midnight while she was asleep, in her last moments she was with her family and with love from her fans. I request you all to please remember her in your prayers and may her soul rest in peace.”

In past few months, we had to decline many concerts and tour featuring Low as Mimi had to undergo several surgeries and treatments for cancer. “The days are really tough for us, but it’s your love and affection that keeps us going and lifts our spirit. In these tough times we really need your love and support,” Sparhawk posted this to fans on Instagram dated October 7th. Mimi confirmed in an interview that she was treated with cancer in the year 2020 December.

Parker with her husband, the couple got married in late 90s. They surprised everyone when the couple informed the reporters about the origin of their band ‘Low’. Low was formed in the year 1993 in Duluth. Th band initially had three members who were popular for their slow genre, but later on they were teamed up with some great bass artists and drummers. Their source of motivation came from “Bordom of life in Duluth by Joy Division” based on an interview given to Billboard from Sparhawk in 1995″.

Mimi Parker Low's vocalist and drummer died at 55 of Ovarian cancer
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The band’s first album came in 1994, the first album was “I Can Live in Hope“, which included subsequent presentation, album consisted of some songs which were slowly paced, but for song lovers who were more into slow songs for them it was a treat to experience it. The songs were beautifully composed and performed by lead vocalists.

The smoothly written “Lullaby” which presented Mimi’s detailed lyrics, eventually compelled to drive out emotions and tears of listeners. Mimi’s drum arrangement during the initial days had just a high hat and a snare.

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During initial days, each member of the band worked really hard behind their every album and they raised their standards. They went on to be recognized from some of the world’s popular bands and artists. The band ‘Low’ focused more on the Indie-Rock genre after they got popular, some of their albums like “Things We Lost in the Fire” in 2001 and “The Great Destroyer” in 2005 which went on to become a hit.

Later on, Parker and Sparhawk became the lead vocalists of the band and was praised by their fans. Ex-Frontman Robert Plant, who captained Zeppelin was so impressed by Low’s The Great Destroyer for the album Silver Ride, in that song the duo sang in sync. Later on Robert included that song ion his next concert.

After receiving a lot of appreciation for their album “Little Drummer Boy” which got included in the Gap ad in the year 2002, the album eventually got listed in the top ranked pop songs and joined hands with Drums and Guns in 2007. The band was asked to slightly improvise but they never changed their original form which gave them a lot of success.

Watch song by Mimi to pay her tribute to Robert

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