‘Lauren Conrad’ was not allowed to drift away from ‘Stephen Colletti’ Love Triangle in One Tree Hill | 2022

Lauren Conrad, a famous American fashion designer, author and Television personality. After all the rumors s[reading across about her Laguna Beach portrayal. Lauren have now came came forward to answer all the questions.

As Lauren’s fans already know when she was in college with her batch mates Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti, who later on became big “One Tree Hill” stars. Colletti was more of a close friend to Lauren as compared to Cavallari, there was times when Lauren used to feel low in her life then Colletti was always there for her, there was a relationship among future stars like Vera Cavallari and the series “One Tree Hill”.

The series fans were forced to take sides between their favorite characters when they were trapped in a never ending love triangle in the first season of the 9 season series, these reel life controversies stayed with them the whole life.

On last Tuesday’s show of Podcast by Dear Media from the beach featuring Stephen and Kristin, Lauren accompanied them through the episode and conveyed her side of the story and how she was portrayed in the series.

Lauren said “I think they just took some part of my traits and used it their way,” She made this comment to Cavallari.

Lauren Conrad was not allowed to drift away from Stephen Colletti Love Triangle in One Tree Hill 2022
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She further said “It’s always like I’m a little girl sitting in the corner and looking at all of you”. She said this in a funny tone “It’s feel embarrassing to me.”

“And the most funny part is,” she added, “I had some friends during all this while, And I’m like , “I felt bad for all them. I couldn’t stand this feeling that if they ever thought of me as that person who is cheating on them.”

“Yeah, even I felt that they perfected the portrayal of the whole love triangle thing”, Cavallari replied.

Lauren replied “They didn’t expected anything else from me”.

Cavallari and Conrad, they both shared the same narrative from their experience from the series. They confirmed that they were tapped to portray their story in the every season of the series rather asking for their input on the given narratives. Conrad added “The writers provide you with the script, And you are just needed to read it, you can’t ask for any adjustments.”

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When Cavallari was asked during the interview that whether Conrad would step back, he replied “I am not sure that whether I would be given that chance, and if there would be a chance I definitely would have thought about it.”

Conrad further stated: “From the moment I started working for this series. I did gave a though sometimes that some things I must have said, I am not sure whether it would be appropriate or not or even I might feel uncomfortable saying that thing. But as days passed by and I was young and probably in starting days of my career. So, I thought well this is what I was assigned in the first place and I mustn’t give up on this.”

Watch the throwback video of Lauren Conrad after the first season of ‘One Tree Hill’

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