Kymberly Herrin, Ex-Playboy Model and ‘Ghostbusters’ actress died at the age of 65

Kymberly Herrin, Ex-American Playboy model and actress has died at 65. Last Tuesday, the news first featured on Santa Barbara News paying their mortuary tribute for Kymberly, which stated that she “passed away in peace” on 28th October in her resident at Santa Barbara, California.

We are still trying to figure out the cause of her death, but as her family member didn’t mention much about it. So, we are still not sure about the actual cause of death. Herrin’s niece, announced her death through a Facebook post which had photo of Kymberly standing with her two sisters by the beach, this post was first made public on 28th October according to sources.

Theresa Ramirez, who was Herrin’s niece wrote in the caption on the Facebook post saying “They all look so happy, Like a family staying together.” Further she said “Aunt, I’ll miss you forever. May your soul Rest in Peace”.

According to her mortuary tribute, Herrin passed her graduation from Santa Barbara Higher Education School in the year 1975 and then went on to pursue her career as a model. Then she was featured as a model for several magazines including domestic and international in her complete career of modelling.

She went into few controversies during her career as a model, when she she featured in the Playboy 1981. There were certain rumors that Herrin was named as the “Playmate of the Month” voted by Entertainment Weekly, over which many models disagreed as Herrin was new to this industry. Going further it was noted that she went on to appear in many fitness commercials and series for FIT magazine in her career as a model and actress.

Kymberly Herrin, Ex-Playboy Model and Ghostbusters actress died at the age of 65
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Herrin also starred in Ghostbuster released back in 1984 as an actress. She began her acting career in 1980s, she acted in several movies which includes Romancing the Stone, Beverly Hills Cop II, Road House in 1989. She acted as Playboy Playmate according to Entertainment Weekly reports.

Herrin’s co-actor Dan Aykroyd, who worked with her on the Ghostbusters, if we recollect about that movie with Herrin as a lead actress in a interview. During the interview, Dan mentioned a scene from Ghostbuster in which he described his role as Ray and his interaction with Herrin who played the role of ghost.

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“I definitely remember who played the role of ghost.” Dan said during the interview “Her name was Kymberly Herrin who was a Playboy model and played the role as ghost.”

Even though the cause of death is not yet disclosed, her mortuary tribute note published in the news. The press requested the fans and supporters to raise money for the American Cancer Society in Playboy Playmate’s memory in order to help the victims of breast cancer.”

After Herrin’s death, her family is now left with her mother, Mark Herrin, her brother and her nieces and nephews.

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