Keanu Reaves and team have reunited for ‘Constantine 2’ | the sequel is finally confirmed | 2022

After years of long wait hoping for the return of Keanu Reaves back to Constantine franchise. So, finally after 17 years Constantine 2 is now officially confirmed by the makers Warner Bros. The first part was released back in 2005 starring Keanu Reaves as the lead character and alongside Shia LaBeouf, Rachel Weisz, Tida Swimton and other supporting characters. The movie made a good profit out of gross Box Office Collection and was declared a Hit. So, Now the makers are finally coming up with a sequel to the successful franchise and surprisingly for Keanu Reaves fans its going to be a treat as he has been finally casted for “Constantine 2”.

Keanu Reaves and team have reunited for Constantine 2  the sequel is finally confirmed  2022
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Constantine, 2005 which came under the genre of Fantasy and Horror and was based on the stories of DC comics where a spy investigates on super-normal events, Peter Stormare who played the character of ‘Lucifer’. Lucifer’s character gives a wider angle to the plot when his son his born. The cast for ‘Constantine 2’ has been revealed where Keanu Reaves will be seen alongside Shia LaBeouf, Rachel Weisz, Gavin Rossdale, Peter Stormare and Djimon Hounsou.

Although the first part of Constantine received mixed reviews at that time by the critics, even though the movie is known to be a cult classic of all time, and especially the way Keanu Reaves portrayed the character of ‘John Constantine’. Although the British accent and visual experience was slightly not up to the mark if you compare it with the Comic Book character of John Constantine.

So, some are hoping and the others are really pleased after the sequel was announced and the fans are really excited as everyone’s aware of the potential of this movie. Despite the fact that some of the Reaves previous movies recently have not done well in business perspectives but he is really confident this time and will not disappoint his fans.

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It has been confirmed by ‘Deadline’ that Keanu Reaves has been officially signed up for ‘Constantine 2’ by Warner Bros Film Production Company, it’s been 17 years since the original Constantine first came into theaters. In addition to Keanu Reaves comeback to the franchise, we will also witness the legendary direction of ‘Francis Lawrence‘ alongside Akiva Goldsman as script writer who also directed the original version ‘Constantine’. Goldsman will be seen working with J.J.Abrams under the production of Weed Road Pictures Banner for a famous television company “Bad Robot”.

Before the confirmation of Keanu Reaves being casted in “Contantine 2”, Peter Stormare who played the role of Lucifer in the original version, gave a clue on Instagram two years back that the makers are planning for a sequel of the movie. It was during that time when he had some serious plans on returning back to movies, reports suggest that he was planning for a spin-off Constantine TV show for HBO Max, the makers are interested in starting the shooting next year. The show will be produced by J.J.Abrams who have also produced the original version of the film.

They have replaced John Constantine characters with Johanna played by Jenna Coleman right before he left a new film produced by Netflix which will be a remake of Sandman Comic by Neil Gaiman. It is supposed to be interesting series as the makers have planned to improvise the role of lead characters.

Keanu Reaves as John Constantine in 2005

Now since it has been 17 years passed the original movie, fans are really curious to watch the new team portraying the characters similar to the comics or even keep it simple and similar to the original version. And it will be really fascinating to see that what all plots are carried forward from the original version, for instance if we go back to the post-credits scene in the original version where we can see Shia LaBeouf as Chas transfroms into an angel and visits John Constantine on his grave. Now as fans are excited for new ‘Constantine 2‘ they can go back and revisit the original version which is present on HBO max.

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