Kathie Lee Gifford goes hard on Kelly Ripa after her alleged remarks on Regis Philbin | 2022

Kathie Lee Gifford, a American singer and author from Paris, France. Recently Kathie was seen with one of her Ex-Friend and an associate named Regis Philbin next to which we can see Kelly Ripa sharing her experience while working with Kathie was “no easy”.

Gifford said in an Interview last Monday that she won’t be reading Kelly’s new book after what she mentioned about her in the “Live show with Ryan and Kelly”. During the live event Kelly tried to bring up bring up the past she had with Regis Philbin which Gifford didn’t appreciated much. This is a known fact that Gifford and Philbin have worked together for 12 long years and hosted the popular show “Live With Kathie Lee and Regis” and after which Gifford was replaced by Ripa on the show “LIve With Kelly and Regis”.

Gifford further said “She feels sorry to watch headlines all over the place” from an interview People magazine had with Ripa during her new book’s promotion and how she described her complex relationship with Philbin.

“We always look towards the headlines but not often it turns out to be true. I am saying that with experience from past, Oh and yes I don’t think that’s even close to true”. But in the end nothing matters.

Kathie Lee Gifford goes hard on Kelly Ripa after her alleged remarks on Regis Philbin
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Gifford has always been very close to Philbin, she never misses an opportunity to praise her. She always considered Philbin as one of the best Co-Hosts she ever worked with. Philbin died at the age 88 in the year 2020, Gifford still misses him as she says “one of my best colleague at work and he will always be missed”. She remembers her last few days with Philbin, 2 weeks before her death he said “I don’t Want to be Millionaire rather I’ll just live with peace”.

Gifford further added: “We were the dearest of friends. And our friendship grew even stronger when we left the show,”

“We used to had a great bonding when we worked together, we used to had a friendly fight together on silly matters which we handled smoothly. People considered us as weird couple but it always came out perfect when we used to go live on television. For fifteen long years to be precise I couldn’t remember a day when we had a serious conflict on anything which I think was the best part in our story”.

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Whereas on the other hand according to Ripa story to People magazine which focused more on her book and the show. She said “Live Talk: Short tales with a broader perspective”. At the time when Ripa was appointed as the new Host she wasn’t aware of the fact the she is replacing Gifford rather she was only informed that her Boss would be Philbin and she didn’t intended on hurting anyone.

Ripa eventually reached the set alongwith her hair & makeup stylists, which she considered normal for someone who usually appears on TV show. Philbin had a little laugh with the chief producer of the show.

Ripa said: “I didn’t like the way Philbin was joking around, I mean it didn’t seem funny rather it felt like a embarrassment”.

“I actually get the point that Philbin has been trying to avoid me from the day I got replaced in place Gifford to Host the show. He didn’t wanted to Co-host but that’s not my concern as I can’t miss this amazing exposure to host such a famous show. I understand that this isn’t fair to him but it is neither to me”.

When Gifford agreed to the fact that Philbin used to tease people whom he liked the most, She didn’t find him to be rude to anybody.

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