Jennifer Lawrence: Lost her senses after the release of ‘Hunger Games’ | 2022

Jennifer Lawrence made it public that she was over the moon after the huge success of first movie in the Hunger games franchise “Hunger Games” released back in 2012.

Lawrence shared her feelings about her work for the movie ‘Hunger Games’ which goes on to win the Academy awards. Lawrence said in an interview that the movie played an important role in her career as it was a challenging role which required lot of dedication and hard-work.

Lawrence discussed her past with Francine Stock while she was filming for Hunger Games in an event ‘Screen Talk’ during the London Film Festival. She said “I was not in my senses during the time period from Hunger Games and till I received the Oscar for Best Actress In a Lead Role in “Silver Lining Playbook” came in 2012.

“I started feeling like being dependent on someone for making decisions on my behalf. When i think about those days it makes me feel so little of myself and I just can’t keep a control of that feeling”.

She feels much more positive now and it makes her feel so good that she has some control over her life and the her decisions. Now she feels independent as a person and she has established her own identity.

Going further in her career after Hunger Games she ended up doing some major roles in movies which includes “Winter Bone” back in 2012, “Mother” by Darren Aronofsky, Joy, American Hustle, Marvel’s X-Men Franchise and most recently in “Don’t Look Up” alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jennifer Lawrence Lost her senses after the release of Hunger Games 2022
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Her Upcoming movie “Causeway” which is set to be released on 28th October, 2022. The movie has been directed by a Newbie ‘Lily Neugebauer‘. The movie will be based on the life of a Veteran Soldier who returns back home after suffering from a fatal brain injury and how she struggles his way back to keep up with the hometown atmosphere.

Lawrence was away from movies for past few years during the Lockdown time. She had been working on this project “Causeway” right before the lockdown started, so keeping that in mind the production work for the movie was kept at halt.During that couple of years Lawrence tried to spend some personal time and she even got pregnant during that period giving birth to her first child.

On the other hand the supporting crew for the movie ‘Causeway’ had been working on the script and Lawrence finally revealed that this movie is not only really close to her but also it makes her emotional while playing that character.

Few months back in London, Jennifer busted out her emotions when she recalled her earlier work for the movie “Winter’s Bone” which she feels is quite similar when speaking on the budget of the movie and she feels attached when working for Causeway.

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This is her first movie under her own production house ‘Excellent Cadaver’. Causeway as a movie is really special to her in many aspects and she is going to put her complete effort for the movie. She further describes her name’s origin “It’s basically a Sicilian term referring to a Mafia who is trying to impress a celebrity”. In the end it’s all connecting the dots as I had always thought of making that possible.”

Moreover, she mentioned about Robert De Niro that how he helped her in staying focused while filming together for Silver Lining Playbook. She said “You’ll always feel the love and warmth when you are around him, he always brings the best out of a person. He feels irritated when you call him by name, he always insists on calling him Bob. I always wish that I could get a chance to work with him in future again.”

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