Jennifer Hale raises her concerns for the controversial situation of a Bayonetta 3

Jennifer Hale is about to get featured in the upcoming sequel to the Video game series Bayonetta. The Bayenotta series have already two parts in their franchise which includes Bayenotta: Bloody Fate (2013) & Bayonetta 2 (2014). The fans have been waiting for a long time for the third part of this famous video game series. The Bayonetta 3 is about to be released later this year.

Jennifer Hale who is about to give voice-over for the main character ‘Bayonetta‘ in the third part of the franchise. Jennifer shared a heartfelt message on Twitter addressing the fans which was titled as “About Bayonetta 3“. The tweet mentioned about her excitement for her first time as a dubbing artist for a video game character. Hale has been pushing hard on becoming an voice artist but with all due respect her only concern is regarding the amount voice artists are getting paid because that’s the area of concern.

Hale said she had respect for all the voice artists around and she even respect her colleagues. She is under a non disclosure agreement so she won’t be able to reveal much insights of her situation that appeared due to the involvement of the Ex-Voice artist of Bayonetta ‘Hellena Taylor‘.

Hellena rejected the offer for Bayonetta 3 in the first place because she was offered a project by Platinum Games where she was getting paid with maximum amount of $4,000 as a voice artist. But as this amount she is not much for a Voice Artist but still Hellena took this offere raises many specualtions. Is there everything good within the whole team Bayonetta and why did Hellena left this iconic series? Where she was getting a good amount of money.

Jennifer Hale raises her concerns for the controversial situation of a Bayonetta 3
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In the end Hale concluded by saying that she is concerned about the situation of Hellena and she really hopes that someone must resolve her issues.

And as we Speak for Bayonetta 3, As we all are connected from a very long time with this Video game series, We really must act as a family and raise our concerns on this matter where the actors must be paid a good amount of money on a regular basis and must be signed up for long duration.

And as a matter of fact, everyone who is knowing me personally or professionally are well aware of the fact that I am really concerned for the issues of my co-workers.

Hale says “I do have a lot of respect for my friends and my Co-Workers and I like to fight for their rights”.

“I’m bound under serious agreement where I couldn’t disclose much but my personality is enough to make the required authorities look into these issues.”

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I request everyone sincerely to keep this mind that we have worked really hard to make this game ‘Bayonetta’ possible and it was only possible with the help of the whole team, it was our hard-work that made this game a popular hit across the globe. And so finally i would request you all to please forget the differences within the team and start working as a family.

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