Hidden Facts of ‘Cobra Kai’ season 5 and Dallas Dupree Young & Kenny’s rivalry | 2022

For the Fans of Kenny Payne it’s nearly impossible not to appreciate him since he was seen in the Season 4 of “Cobra Kai,” a Netflix series which is globally popular from the Universe of “Karate Kid”. Right from the first day at the school for him, he was caught dancing passionately and got picked up by school bus and straight to that he became the motive of Anthony LaRusso, who was the son of Daniel LaRusso. And it’s a testimony to the actor named Dallas Dupree Young that immediately after Kenny got replaced in season 4 till the point when he “gave one a taste of his own medicine” to his abuser, and that the viewers still root for him.

Hidden Facts of Cobra Kai season 5 and Dallas Dupree Young & Kenny's rivalry | 2022
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Dallas Dupree Young son of Eric Young Sr., who was former Major League Basketball athlete and currently the coach for Atlanta Braves. Young never dreamed of becoming an actor rather he always thought he would follow his father footsteps and become a popular Baseball Player. But destination had something else in store for Young as he went on after receiving an open call and finally being promoted to showcase his talent before a large audience in Los Angeles, there he first met his manager who going forward offered him roles in many big shows like “Mixed-ish“, “The Good Place” he even got a wonderful opportunity to work with Steven Spielberg in “Ready Player One“. And then finally Young started developing a liking towards acting and passionately working towards it.

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The Upcoming season of “Cobra Kai” which will be streaming in Netflix from next Thursday, and it is not surprising that Kenny Payne still have a hatred against young LaRusso. It’s not helping the fact that Kenny is now being mentored under Terry Silver played by Thomas Ian Griffith, a martial arts instructor who is not known for playing by the rules. So, according to some people Kenny is a villain, but on the other hand we must give credit to entire show and Young’s brilliant performance in series that audiences are still so interested and not ready to give up the show.

When Young was asked whether he was a “Cobra Kai” fan before he signed up for the show? Answering to this Young said in fact I wasn’t such a big fan of this show. But I was somewhat familiar with “Karate Kid” movies as it was such a popular movie and also I used to practice Taekwondo & Karate and one of our daily assignment was to watch “Karate Kid”. So, as days passed I eventually started liking it and I was familiar with “Cobra Kai” so when I finally got a call for the audition I watched the complete three seasons and got emotionally and mentally attached to the show.

When Young was asked how much did he knew about Kenny when he joined the cast of the show because he was already a big face in season 4? Young said that they explained me the complete plot of the show as how a kid who will be bullied and tortured in school and then how will fight against all the odds and succeed. They said that At start people will like you but after some times they may start to hate you which confused me at first, but it caught my attention.

So Speaking of season 5, do you had any idea that Kenny was going to be on the villain side? I didn’t like saying it as I still have a lot of sympathy for him. Young said “Well, in my point of view, the most important thing about my character in the show is you’ll see the side of a Little boy in me who is friendly and not much into violence. And on the other side you’ll see a complete different person who is fierce and a complete leader. You see the hope in him and an attitude to never give up”.

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