‘The Last of Us’ Trailer has a lot in store for their fans as Joel and Ellie work together for the cure | 2022

If you are all done waiting for the most awaited series “The Last Of Us” adaptation which is going to be produced under HBO, you’ll have to wait more as HBO has announced their new trailer for the forthcoming series which will be streaming on 15th January 2023. The series will be streaming on HBO Max for the subscribed viewers.

The Trailer was round about 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the series had a lot in store for the viewers as seen from the trailer. The series is produced by Craig Mazin known for Chernobyl. For the ones who aren’t aware of Craig’s work must really have to visit Naughty Dog’s and his other movies which are simply a treat to watch.

Craig have always been really bold in his producing and he never fails to impress his fans and he always try to experiment with respect to his content.

In the trailer, we could clearly see short glimpse of Ellie at the beginning of the Trailer where she is pretends to be lost. Moving further in the trailer we can actually see some of the most heart warming scenes in different parts of the trailer. In the later part of the trailer, fans who have watched the trailer closely can see Ashley Johnson appearance, who had voice dubbed Ellie in video PC games.

If you are not much familiar with The Last of Us, its official trailer works as a plot for its original game story. In the upcoming HBO series we could see Ellie and Joel in the lead role, which will be portrayed by Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal.

The Last of Us Trailer has a lot in store for their fans as Joel and Ellie work together for the cure | 2022
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Joel is needed to work with Ellie through the after effects caused by apocalypse in US. They accompany each other just hoping to save the rest of the world’s population who are survived by the wild fungal virus that changes its victims form to killer zombies (creatures who eats humans after being affected).

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The production and the marketing team of HBO has been working enormously hard to promote their new series ‘The Last of Us‘, it is evidently clear that the team has really high expectations from this series. There was a event organized by HBO in which they revealed a footage which disclosed a probable spin off series for their 2023 releases.

Watch HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ official Trailer

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