Halloween House from Stranger Things is about to get closed on neighbors conflicts

Popular Halloween House from ‘Stranger Things‘ which is situated at Chicago’s Countryside have been finally closed down after there were frequent complaints lodged by the neighbors.

Aubrey Appel in an interview revealed “Everyone seemed fine with the celebration, but until recently they seem to have a issue with it” Aubrey’s husband Dave who helped her in all the preparation stuffs before the party. Dave said : “It’s feels betrayed when people says that they behind you and they understand your purpose, and supports you but when those people betray you that hurts the most.”

A video got viral from TikTok which displayed the house that was decorated beautifully. That video went on to have millions of views within no time. Fans got so excited after seeing the video that they appeared on Oaks Court Whispering, in Illinois Plainfield.

The main focus point was the dummy model of Max Mayfield, a character from the show ‘Stranger Things’ whom we have seen floating above 10 ft in the air with no external support or wires along the driveway.

Halloween House from Stranger Things is about to get closed on neighbors conflicts
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But as the house has been shut up, we can’t see Max floating anymore or any other characters around the house and without them the yard feels incomplete.

Fans have been really upset after the shocking news of shutting down the house by Appel. But the couple revealed in that interview that they had no other choice rather than shutting it down cause there has been numerous complaints from neighbors. They had even even allegedly claimed that we are intoxicating the culture and that’s not good for children living around.

Before the couple could decide on whether they can allow visitors again, they need to first make sure with the Plainfield village officials that every action taken is according to the codes and regulations.

It has been days of hard-work and number of hours spent just to get this right, Dave Appel said in an interview: “Good Morning America, We have put in a lot of effort in just designing the Halloween show, that includes right from blackened trees from the scariest world of Netflix to the chilling curled vines.” He further said “We were once enjoying the new season of Stranger Things and I was too curious looking at the pop culture and I planned that we could imitate the whole setup in pool of noodles”.

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Once the couple came up with a plan of hovering Max, it took months of process and testing just to get that perfect. On days when it was too windy to float, while the other version stayed on the ground.

Dave Appel in an interview to NBC Chicago said “Speaking more about the other segments of ‘Stranger Things’, the driveway had several other references from pop culture. “We are having pet cemetries, killer crowns, Alien, Predator, Pennywise, anyone can pick anything they want”.

Watch the making video of Floating Max

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