Gigi Hadid made a joke out of Kanye West and called him a ‘Bully’ | Gigi defended editor Gabriella | 2022

Gigi Hadid didn’t waste much of her time in order to just expose Kanye West in front of public.

One of the iconic fashion event ‘Yeezy Season 9’ which was hosted by Grammy winner, Kanye West held in Paris on 3rd October, 2022. The event was attended by many renowned faces in their respective professions, Gabriella Karefa one of the attendees who is also known to be famous Vogue editor took to internet by storm when he raised some controversial questions over social media with respect to the event.

There was a intense tussled argument between the editor Gabriela and the host Kanye West on social media. When Gabriela tried to question the authenticity of Kanye’s outfit, which according to the editor felt controversial. In response to this Kanye replied back by posting pictures of Gabriela in a revealing outfit on his Instagram account along with some captions blaming her to be questionable which forced Gigi Hadid to step in and speak in favour of Gabriella.

Gigi made a harsh comment on Kanye saying “You don’t have even half intellect as hers”, Gigi had been a close friend with Gabriella from past few years, she had worked with her in many projects.

Gigi Hadid made a joke out of Kanye West and called him a Bully Gigi defended editor Gabriella
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Gigi mentioned Gabriella in one of her post on Instagram from Oct 4 :” haha… I bet you’re right. And if you’re thinking that someone might help you in your tough times then she is the person you must be looking forward to. And if hosting a show makes you somewhat superior that no one could question you or raise their concern then I guess you are mistaken. And yes you are nothing but a sadistic person who finds imitating to disrespect a person, you are a prankster and a bully.”

Kanye’s event had a opposite impact for him as people started raising questions on his authenticity of the show on social media. Right after the Rapper announced her show in a live stream from that moment everyone has been supporting Gabriella. People even started calling him arrogant and irresponsible.

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“The main thing is Gabriella focused mostly on Kanye during the event and as she observed him closely she had a lot of questions from him,” One of the tweet said “She was not being harsh to Kanye rather she was genuinely asking questions as a part of her job and I also think she respected him as he was a public image.”

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