Heidi Klum shared interesting facts from her Halloween’s Earthworm costume with her husband Tom Kaulitz as fisherman | 2022

This isn’t something we have experienced the first time in Halloween, as Heidi Klum surprises everyone with her unique costume for Halloween this year. During an event which was held last Monday in order to celebrate Annual party for Halloween after a couple of year break due to Covid-19 pandemic. The event witnessed one of the most unique costume based on a giant earthworm by 49 year old German-American model Heidi Klum.

Heidi Klum is known for her weird appearances in the Halloween event. This year she was seen on the red carpet wrapped up as a Earthworm alongside her Husband Tom Kaulitz who was dressed up as Fisherman who had lost an eye in the process which was depicted in their story.

Rachel Smith said in an interview to ET: “This costume took hell lot of time, we have working on this costume from past few months and we are glad that it finally came out as expected”. Rachel was seen laying on the ground for the photo shoot before she was made to answer few questions to the reporters.

When Klum was aksed for the story behind her look, she said “I have been planning on it since a year, at first I thought of becoming a tree, but then Kaulitz didn’t agreed upon it as he said hit would be really tough. So, I began to think something unusual and unique”.

Heidi Klum shares unrevealed facts from her Halloween's Earthworm costume with her husband Tom Kaulitz as fisherman 2022
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Denny Directo, who is one of the ET’s representatives had a word with Klum before the Halloween party, there she teased Klum saying that her new costume would be really suffocating and she might feel uncomfortable.

Klum said it in an interview to ET: “I know my fans are really excited for my Halloween costume, as I have been surprising them every year with my unique getup. And I don’t want to let down my fans this year too so I have come up with this unique idea. It’s a inner challenge for me each year to think about something out of the box so that my Halloween fans are not disappointed. I sense that I’ve accomplished that this year with my earthworm’s costume and now I am really keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that my fans like it”

“I am saying this as there was no dress rehearsals or any other rehearsals before actually featuring on the main event. So, I am really speculative on whether it would turn out as expected during the event”

She even disclosed that her appearance which we for now is a earthworm, in order to look more original the make artists would be using high prosthetics and so the final result would be more satisfying.

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“Speaking of the past experiences in terms of make up, I’ve had to go through high prosthetics in past years. There are sometimes when I feel like I’ll be okay with al these prosthetics and makeups but then it’s like “I can’t take it and I feel suffocated” She confessed this. “As everything feels like stucked over you and you can’t even take it off as if it was to be a hat and you can’t do anything about it”.

But apart from all these struggles she faced, she said “I am really excited for it”. “My friends who are coming for this event in New York from all over the world. I am really excited to meet them all, I am in love with this city. I once had a party in L.A. few weeks back and it was a awesome experience. But this time I think it’s going to be tough as I have to go through the whole night with this complete makeup and costume but i am looking forward to it”.

Watch video to witness the Heidi Klum costume for Halloween 2022 party

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