Ezra Miller has gone insane and considers himself as “Jesus” or the “Evil” from allegations by ‘Vanity Fair’ | 2022

Actor Ezra Miller, a actor of new Vanity Fair Profile who is facing some serious mental issues is now undergoing treatment. The Actor have self confessed that he in a unstable mental health from past several months, according to people who have known Ezra consider him to be threatening, manipulative and impulsive in nature. And according to his ex-fiancee he was also suffering from “shape delusion“.

Ezra Miller has gone insane and considers himself as Jesus or the Evil from allegations by Vanity Fair
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From past couple of years, Ezra have committed multiple crimes including assault, theft and child abuse. Miller has been charged with self restraining order couple of times in past few months. But due to his public image and being an actor he is always led free and even being signed up for upcoming movies. Despite the fact, that miller is undergoing treatment and looking at his past criminal records Warner Bros is still planning to release “The Flash”.

After Miller was charges with robbery last August in Vermont, Miller dropped the following statement: ” I would like to apologize to everyone who have faced issues because of my actions I performed in past. I have been working hard to correct myself and also undergoing necessary medical treatments to get my life back on track. And once I am treated I am motivated to lead a simple and healthy life”.

Vanity Fair have talked to few anonymous friends and “insiders” regarding Miller over a course of six months, and it has been noticed that Miller uses word “they” for some of his friends without revealing their actual names, and he referred them as “the Devil” or the “Jesus”.

A 55-yr old medical student from North Dakota when he was traveling with Miller and his “spiritual counselor” in Iceland, there was a report from one of the sources : ” The Jasper was referring to Ezra that he wasn’t the figure of the movement, he himself was the movement. He referred himself as the next ‘Savior’ and that the group from an ancient fraternal organization are sending out monsters to kill him”.

There was another source which described Miller’s relationship with a 18 yr old gender biased activist Tokata Iron. His parents filed a constraining order against Miller Last June. The report said ” Ezra is a messiah, and that activist Tokata Iron is an devastating cultural American spider creator, and their collaboration will bring the apocalypse”.

Jumping Eagle, who is Iron Iron’s mother confirmed it in an interview with Vanity Fair, stating ” according to Miller, they think of themselves as the next ‘Creator’, and they are going to bring a massive change”.

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Ezra Miller, who has acted in many movies and series apart from “The Flash” like “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” there are rumors around from some sources that the actor has placed a God’s Table in his house at Vermont, where people especially women are demanded to leave things such as “weed“, “bullets as offerings” and miniatures of The Flash.

There are other suspicious things owned by Miller like his Representatives have confirmed many insights to Vanity Fair in a Interview, that Miller owns few guns and a flame mini-gun at his farmhouse in Vermont, yet he cleared up saying that those weapons are licensed and they are safely locked and stored away.

Although Miller based on an Article, is still ownership of a crossbow from the sets of “We Need To Talk About Kevin”. Using the Crossbow his character killed many innocent students in the movie. He had mentioned about that crossbow in an interview that he had kept the things from the movie just for memories.

According to Miller’s ex-fiancee, Erin she had charged Miller of sexual abuse in the past “I can’t even define it, its like you are forcefully being tried to have sex and even “BDSM“, sometimes i felt suffocated while being in a relationship with Ezra.”

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