Emmy Awards 2022 : Things you need to know from Emmy, Quinta Brunson on “punching” Jimmy, Jason to be casted in “Ted Lasso”

Lot of interesting stuffs got revealed at the Emmy Awards 2022, like Jason Sudeikis said there is a high possibility that he’ll be playing “Ted Lasso” for the upcoming season 4, Amanda Seyfried disclosed about her future voice-over projects and mentioned that she will only be giving voice Elizabeth Holmes and Lorne Michaels released the casting news for “Saturday Night Live” .

Emmy Awards 2022 Things you need to know from Emmy  Quinta Brunson on punching Jimmy Jason to be casted in Ted Lasso
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But as the show ran smoothly on stage with all winners receiving the Emmy and after that giving a thank you speech, mainly the drama was behind the scenes where the celebrities, Award winners and other officials faced the Journalists in the Emmy media center.

All the celebrities and officials have different opinions on different things, they had a overwhelming feeling and couldn’t control their emotions after the win. Quinta Brunson took this moment to talk on all the drama running on Twitter, clarified everything that’s going on between her and Jimmy Kimmel, who did a creepy prank with the writer of a famous comedy series “Abbott Elementary” Will Arnett when she came on stage to receive her award.

Will Jason Sudeikis be seen as “Ted Lasso” in upcoming Season 4?

There are plenty of rumors running around related to “Ted Lasso” next season, after Jason Sudeikis won the award for best performance, there are speculation that whether there will be season 4 or Season 3 will end up the journey for Ted Lasso. When Jason Sudeikis and entire cast of “Ted Lasso” arrived offstage to address the reporters after their big win at the Emmys for the comedy series genre, one of the reporters asked a controversial question

“you wanna be in season 4?” answering to this Jason said humorously “well I don’t think so”. “But you will be eventually” reporter stated. “not sure about that” Sudeikis answered to all the reporters co-star Hannah Weddingham present in the room. Also his co-star had a wild laugh after hearing to Jason’s reply to reporters.

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“Sheryl Lee Ralph” cried on stage recalling her dream when was 5 while receiving her Emmy

There was a emotional moment offstage in a room full of journalists and reporters when Sheryl Lee Ralph was awarded her Emmy and when she remembered her dream as a child in her speech the people present there applauded.

The moment when Sheryl Lee Ralph got awarded her first Emmy for outstanding performance as supporting actress in comedy series “Abott Elementary” all credit goes to ABC for supporting and believing in her. She was immensely excited and emotional when she was handed over the award.

Quinta Brunson made a controversial statement saying she wanted to ‘punch’ Jimmy Kimmel

After Jimmy Kimmel weird prank on the stage when Brunson came over to receive her award. Brunson had to walk around Jimmy Kimmel as he was lying on the ground just for fun. Brunson had a derailed experience while receiving the award at stage making it a short speech.

Twitter exploded after Jimmy’s acting to be drunk on margaritas and lying on the stage, which made the people confused and Kimmel grabbed everyone’s attention on Twitter and also Brunson’s first Emmy win was talk of the hour.

Speaking of how Brunson actually felt in that moment? She said “I am not sure why the internet is so blown with all these stuffs.” Brunson added “that Kimmel had always supported her as she had her first big show interview at Kimmel’s show.”

“Till this point I was really feeling happy that Jimmy was up there at the stage. I have always rated Jimmy as one of the legend in comedy”, she added ” I am not sure may be I’ll be mad at him Tomorrow. I hope I am invited on the show next Wednesday so that I could punch him over the face”.

Amanda Seyfried will be giving voice-over only to Elizabeth Holmes

Amanda Sefried won Emmy for lead role in a recent drama series aired on Hulu’s “The Dropout”, when asked about her relationship with Elizabeth, she said they have a lot in common when it comes to characters point of view.

Lorne Michaels the creator of SNL show disclosed the fresh faces in SNL cast that’ll be joining anytime soon.

The most popular NBC show “Saturday Night Live” won the Emmy for best sketch series 2022, So in any interview offstage amidst Emmy, he revealed to some journalists that there will be four members joining the cast of SNL soon.

What are “Squid Game” Director thoughts on when asked about the spin-off series?

Squid Fans have been eager to know whether there will be a second season to the series or not. So, the director Hwang Dong-hyuk have answered to all the rumors. He have been awarded Emmy as the best director for a drama series genre. He said the entire team is really excited and they have started their plans for a second season of the show.

Watch Quinta Brunson speech after receiving Emmy and her take on Jimmy’s prank

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