Elton John performs his last concert at Dodger Stadium | Everything you need to know about his farewell concert | 2022

In Los Angeles recently, Elton John is all set to perform his last concert in North America’s Doger Stadium, it’s the same place where it all began for John. John said “Tonight’s a very emotional day for me” John said this after his recent concert while he played one of his favorite track “Philadelphia Freedom” wearing a dashing jacket and sunglasses on the main stage. “It has been a long and beautiful journey.”

Elton John, bids his farewell tour which was started from Yellow Brick Road last Sunday, which marked his final concert tour of his musical journey. John who is also known as the “Rocket Man” will perform in his last concert which is going to be the 3rd night straight at the Dodger Stadium. This performance by John will be iconic as this venue have already witnessed many concerts from his in his entire career.

It was approximately 47 years ago that John’s two of the most all time hit sequin clad concerts held at the historical baseball stadium in California which marked John’s name as the rising start which we had already seen in his biography “Rocketman” released in 2019.

Elton John Farewell Concert is streaming Live from Dodger Stadium on Disney+. John said “I am really excited for this and we’re going to create history this time.”

Elton John performs his last concert at Dodger Stadium | Everything you need to know about his farewell concert | 2022
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The Sunday’s concert on 27th November, 2022 which will be streaming on Disney+ will feature many guest appearances by known celebrities and artists which includes Brandi Carlile, Dua Lipa and Kiki Dee, who was John Elton’s duet singer for one of his biggest hits of all time “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

The red carpet event was attended by many artists and celebrities who bid their farewell to John on his last concert. Some of them included Heidi Klum, Lizzo, Courtney B. Vance, Angela Bassett, Connie Britton, John Stamos, Idina Menzel and Ton Gun Maverick famed actor “Miles Teller“.

There was a surprising news when Britney Spears, who in collaboration with John featured in his recent track “Hold Me Closer” backed out from attending John’s farewell concert. The duo looked stunning together when they set the stage on fire with their performance.

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The concert Executive Producer Gabe Turner said in an interview “We will be amazed once the guests love the show, We are so excited to present this concert in front of these electrifying audiences. We’ve got a crazy bunch of fans who are going to set the show on fire.”

The concert’s live telecast will be streamed on Disney+ with a twenty minute recorded interview with Elton John which was recorded prior to this concert alongside John’s Partner David Furnish. They both will be discussing their journey together and David will discuss why John have finally decided to quit singing.

The Pr-recorded video will feature appearances and heart warming messages from some of the legends which includes Billie Ellish, David Beckham and even Joe Biden followers.

Now comes the question of the hour will John continue his career as singer and perform in concerts, Furnish gave an interview to Billboard right before the concert, he stated “I guess that he is most probably will be touring in future, but we will have to look out whether he is willing to make a comeback to the music industry as a singer.”

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