Chuu Loona’s lead singer reveals the reason behind moving out of the group | 2022

This news is going to surprise many of the Loona’s fans as the agency have decided suspend Chuu from the Loona. Chuu, who is a South Korean Singer and a Television representative and a integral member of the band Loo. The agency have revealed that they are going to suspend Chuu by November 26th, 2022.

In 2021, there were many rumors and gossips running around regarding Chuu’s position in LOONA, but during that time the agency didn’t released any memos or notice in order to prevent chaos among Chuu’s fans and to keep the group’s name safe.

Despite of all these rumors and gossips, the dedication and respect among Loona’s members for their fans is impeccable, instead of jumping into these controversies, the LOONA members kept aside aside everything and concentrated on their performance and worked on their art.

Chuu Loona's lead singer reveals the reason behind moving out of the group
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Nevertheless, but as recently we are told about Chuu’s inappropriate behavior and how she used foul language to the staff members, the truth was finally recovered when the investigating team looked into the matter. And thus after the investigation the agency took all the blame and apologized on her behalf, they eventually decided to suspend Chuaa from the club.

At first we deeply apologized every staff and co-workers who were harmed by this ill-tolerable incident by Chuaa, and we are trying our level best to help all of them recover and our main focus is on the treatment for every staff member. So, they can finally recover and live their lives normally.

This is our heartfelt apology for all those Loona’s fans who are shattered by this news, and we request you all for your pardon and we’ll make sure this doesn’t get repeated in the coming future. We will make sure to intact unity among the group and so we all could work together as a team.

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The Loona‘s representatives and officials will look towards the fans and their needs. They will ensure that each member of the LOONA band act united and work towards to regain their pride and honor. The officials will make sure to repay their fans with all the love and respect they deserve and will ensure this act is not repeated in future by any member of the band. Lastly, they all apologized to the fans and the trouble caused due to this incident.

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