Cher and Edwards was sighted together on a date | 2022

On Wednesday November 2, 2022 Cher, American Singer was seen with a new partner who is a famous music producer “Alexander Edwards” walking down the lane holding his hands. Both were seen on a night out spending some good times with each other on the streets of Los Angeles, California.

Cher and Edwards are together from past few weeks. Cher who is 76 and Edwards, 36 have been seen spending time with each other in a musical event, which featured rapper Tyga, and in addition to that there was another group performance which started at Craig’s place before everyone moved up to the decent guy.

From sources it was confirmed to ET that Tyga and Edwards reached the Hotel first, after that they reached the private lounge. Edwards left that place after staying there for around 50 minutes to catch up with Cher and then they both joined together on a dinner date. Edwards and Cher also accompanied Tyga at the dining area.

After they moved out of the restaurant, the couple was seen moving into the car together, where Edwards kissed Cher’s hand and they went on a drive.

Cher and Edwards was sighted together on a date | 2022
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Not even Edwards or Cher have ever talked about their affair in front of anyone, they have kept it unrevealed from everyone.

Def Jam Records which is owned by Edwards and who is also the Vice President of A&R, he was earlier rumored to be in affair with Amber Rose, who is a known American actress. The couple admitted their relationship back in 2022 which was 4 years from now. And after a year passed, they had their first son. Amber and Edwards finally broke up in the year 2021.

During recent times, Cher have also preferred keeping his relationship status unrevealed. From past few years, Cher have revealed publicly from her past love life experiences with Val Kilmer, Gene Simmons and Tom Cruise.

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Four years back in 2018, cher disclosed her thoughts about getting in a relationship with a celebrity and the consequences one faces after that.

The Oscar winner ‘Cher’ said in an interview “Not for this week. Still figuring out”. She said. “The main concern for me with the guys in recent times is if you go out with anyone you just can’t keep it private. There’s always something which gets leaked on social media and everyone eventually finds out that you have been dating. During these time it has been really tough to keep something secret”.

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