Carmella WWE Pro wrestler goes through a failed pregnancy after last month miscarriage | 2022

Carmella, a WWE star has been going through a tough phase in her life, as she suffers another failed pregnancy, it was not more than a month when she suffered a miscarriage. This couple of months have been really hard for Carmella.

Carmella last Monday 31 October, 2022, Carmella’s real name is ‘Leah Van Dale‘ posted her photo on Social media where we could see in a hospital ward lying on bed.

We could read from the caption that she is devastated by this incident and had no clue what she would do now. She said “I have been stunned by this, having no idea what i should do. This feels like everything is being repetitive and there’s nothing i could do.” but she isn’t revealing much about her condition and she urges everyone to not feel sorry for her.

She decided on sharing this post during this month as it is the same month for her miscarriage and her pregnancy as well.

“Today I was operated over an ectopic pregnancy,” Carmella shared. “I am really shocked as I never thought that this could happen to me especially after I had a early miscarriage last month. It hasn’t been even a month and now i am suffering from this.”

Carmella WWE Pro wrestler goes through a failed pregnancy after last month miscarriage
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It’s a very rare condition of Ectopic Pregnancy, which usually happens when a egg which gets fully fertilized settles over the outer side of the uterus and somewhere inside the fallopian tube it occurs. Chief supervisor from the Mayo Clinics says that these types of pregnancies is “really hard to be operated upon” and it is because “when the fertilized egg tries to enter the uterus it can’t survive and that eventually results in dead tissues which can cause continuous bleeding if it’s not immediately operated.”

Carmella further added: “After I received a positive news for pregnancy, I wasn’t really sure in the beginning but I was really excited for it. As this was the second time for me after my prior miscarriage condition, which made me really cautious this time. I was rarely optimistic this time but was really hoping for some good news this time.”

Carmella was admitted in the hospital for straight 12 hours on Saturday. And it was at that time when she first felt the pain on the left side of her belly.

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“After going through multiple ultrasounds, tests and minor surgeries,” Carmella said, “I heard this shocking news, I stopped thinking and couldn’t feel anything after that.’

She said that she was forced to share this story as she felt suffocated and to release this pressure it was necessary.

“Why no one is concerned about this situation?” she questioned moments before baking Shlesinger share her story on a Netflix show ‘Hot Forever’. She said how difficult it was for her when she had to go through a miscarriage, Carmella and her husband Corey Graves really appreciated the show and it really helped the couple recover in smallest way possible.

“I burst out into tears after watching this show,” Carmella said after watching the Netflix show. “She further explained that one must be really proactive on this and should share their story on this serious matter, so that a women must not be left responsible for this and no one must feel that it was a women’s fault. Even I would like to share my story to the world given a chance in future.”

The professional wrestler had clearly said that she doesn’t want people to look up to her as someone helpless or need of sympathy, rather she said “I know these are really tough times and I am trying to recover physically and mentally as soon as possible”.

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