Things got heated up between ‘Cardi B’ and ‘Akbar V’ on Twitter | Cardi B post a bold pic with her husband Offset | 2022

Recently the things are not looking good between Cardi B and Akbar V, Cardi B has finally come forward on Twitter and cleared all the rumors and accusations made by Akbar V. From past few weeks there has been online battle going on between the rappers, the things got even worse when Akbar V made a harsh comment on Cardi B that her husband ‘Offset’ has been cheating on her and having affair with an American Rapper, Saweetie.

In response to this personal allegation Cardi B replied with a Instagram Post on September 26, Monday. The post was really bold as we can see Cardi B wearing a silk Black maxi and and leaning on her husband Offset. The couple can be seen really close as she is placing her hand over husband’s chest and almost getting leaned over her, and on the other side Offset is seen putting his hand over Cardi B’s shoulder and i must admit the couple looked adorable.

There was subliminal caption as well on the post saying that “Fighting over my dick and have to fight for my bitches too”

Things got heated up between Cardi B and Akbar V on Twitter Cardi B post a bold pic with her husband Offset
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Conflict between Akbar V and Cardi B mainly started when Cardi B thrown a party for his friends after her music video “Tomorrow 2 which also featured GloRilla and the song then goes on to become a internet sensation with over 6 million views on YouTube within a very short span of time.

In response to which Akbar V did some sub-tweeting on the new music video by Cardi B. Akbar V tried to degrade her song by talking negative about it on twitter. Looking at those tweets both sides fan bases started their online war and things got worse. Then finally Cardi B had to step in and replied to Akbar V saying ” I am not much into internet fight… are always welcome to share your thoughts personally over DM or even in person.”

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Further Cardi B stated ” And now I gotta go, I am least bothered about your thoughts on the song. And it rarely affect me that someone is trying to spread negativity about me and I can’t change my style based on other’s thoughts….and yes if I have some issue with anyone I prefer to say it on the face rather than starting a internet fight!!! “.

There are some viral screenshots which suggests that Cardi B reached out to Akbar V in private and sorted things out, but later on they started their fight again on Twitter by putting accusations on each other on having several kids, her husband Offset cheating on her, and albums success… Cardi B tweeted ” I hate how people try to accuse others when they themselves are worse…they have been sub-tweeting on me from past several months and now you are trying to shield yourself by using another women. Learn to have a stand on your words as you speak-!!

The things got so heated up that even Offset had to get into this after Akbar stated that he called her and she accepted it thinking to be his personal number. Akbar’s original tweet was later removed under Twitter’s violation policy. Offset tweeted ” That’s not my phone number Bi—-, why would I even call you when I am already not interested to talk to you.”

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