BTS Jungkook stuns his fans by greeting them, Video got viral | 2022

BTS Jungkook is the most renowned Korean figures across the globe. The K-Pop artist and his band members Kim Taehyung, RM, Jimin, Jin, Suga are having fans all across the world, and whenever they exhibit their performance, fans come together irrespective of any city, country, and cheer up for their favorite band. Meanwhile, one of the BTS major artist Jungkook was seen at the airport and he came across an overwhelmed Army Group member.

As Jungkook moved out of the car, he was acknowledged with a huge number of fans. And after fans started showing up in numbers and cheered up for Jungkook, he addressed all his fans respectfully. He straight away put his bag down in order to address his fans.

He bowed down humbly, showed humble gesture excitedly towards his fans, he blinked a couple of times and also formed a heart symbol to show his love and respect to the BTS Army and their fans. And finally when Jungkook went back into his car, and drove off, he greeted a final wave to his fans from his car’s window which brought an end to the fan’s excitement. This video got posted on social media and went on to have millions of views.

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BTS fans are denoted as the famous BTS Army across the world. The BTS Army loved the fact that they got a chance to witness Jungkook’s presence and they were even more excited after he greeted them with whole heart. “This is the one of the major reasons why I admire him so insanely, right from their starting of the career till date, he haven’t changed a bit. He is still the most kind and humble celebrity even after being the lead member of one of the famous Kpop band across the globe right now,” the journalist further says. Another BTS fan said, “He is so generous and humble throughout his career, he’s one of the most cutest Kpop singer in the entire band which I came across”.

BTS Jungkook stuns his fans by greeting them Video got viral 2022
Source : YouTube

On the other side, during the start of this year, BTS confirmed their future projects where they were more focused on solo performances. Suga, 29, RM, 27, Septet Jin, 29, J-Hope, 28, Jungkook, 24 and Jimim, 26 revealed this news to BTS Army during their yearly FESTA event, which was organised in order to celebrate their band’s 9th Anniversary.

When the Band took break, after some days Jungkook made an official announcement of his team up with Charlie Puth. But despite the collaboration of Jungkook and Chalie Puth, Jungkook hasn’t yet revealed much about this project.

The Band BTS, which originated from South Korea in 2010 who are also named as The Bangton Boys. Further they went on to be called as hiatus in the year 2021 December.

Watch JungKook and Charlie Puth song “Left and Right”

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