First look of ‘Bridgerton’ prequel ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ which spotlights ‘Queen Charlotte’ revealed by Netflix | 2022

Netflix had revealed the first look of most anticipated series “Bridgerton” prequel named “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” during the “Tudum Event“. Moments prior to when Lady Whistledown addressed all the gossip running around related to England Ruled by Queen, in the earlier seasons of Bridgerton we have already seen a young girl grown up in a high society of “Bridgerton“, and going further in the prequel series we will see her as Queen Charlotte.

It’s going to be a treat for Bridgerton fans as our favorite Lady Whistledown is going to make a comeback in the prequel this spring. The makers have already given hints for her comeback in Bridgerton 2nd season.

The legendary Netflix series “Bridgerton” directed by Julie Anne Robinson and Shonda Rhimes had its season 2 released last Christmas and the makers have now planned to comeback with the prequel next year in March, which will mainly focus on other siblings rather than focusing on Daphne.

First look of Bridgerton prequel Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story' which spotlights Queen Charlotte revealed by Netflix 2022
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‘Bridgerton’ had its story around a Royal family looking to improvise their social class in London, 1813. Going forward the series has lots of twists, turns, marriages and romance.

Women in the series are stereo-typically portrayed as they must live following the rules and regulations and after getting married to a royal prince, they are used as an object to produce male heirs so that they could be the successor.

During the Tudum Event by Netflix, they disclosed many series and shows that will be releasing this year. The upcoming trailer of Bridgerton season 3 was premiered in the event, but it didn’t reveal much about the show creating hype among the fans. In addition to that, Director Shindo Rhimes also announced a spin-off series which will be focusing on The Young Royals.

The first look teaser released by Netflix reveals the young Queen Charlotte. The teaser is a bit shorter than 2-minutes featuring young Charlotte which is portrayed by India Amarteifio, who can be seen trying to climb a wall using ladder moments before being distracted by her boyfriend, future King George III, which will be portrayed by Covey Mylchreest. He is also in the news for his upcoming movie ‘The Sandman‘ in 2022.

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The “Bridgerton” official Twitter account poked fans with the first look of prequel along with the photos for “formal introduction”.

“Dear Fans, enjoy the official introduction of our great Royal Family, Queen Charlotte by India Amarteifio, alongside a exceptional pair of Adjoa Andoh and Golda Rosheuvel, which will disclose Your Majesty’s Bloodline,”

While revealing Amarteifi’s first glimpse, Charlotte abruptly asks George for help as she has been trying to climb up the wall just to have a look at the Present-day King, who she doubts to be a “troll or a beast” because she didn’t heard anything about him from anyone. But George denies to help as he thought it to be a bluff.

George said “I denied when Damsel in Distress tried to climb over the wall so that she could run away from me as she don’t want to marry me”. The first glimpse of the teaser ends with the coming soon tag not mentioning the exact release date. But the makers have eventually promised the fans that they will be ready with the series by 2023.

Netflix’s Ancient Royal Romantic drama, adapted from the Novel by author Julia Quinn, left a great impression in the hearts of the fans after its first season streamed on Netflix during Christmas, 2020. And eventually turning out to be one of the most Legendary series of that time, later on ‘Squid Game‘ beat them.

Watch teaser of ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’

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