‘Boys Meets World’ actress Maitland Ward reveals her reason of leaving Hollywood after all controversy | 2022

Maitland Ward an American Actress & Model from United States, California. She has took a long leap from starring in sit coms to being an adult film artist.

In an interview to Fox News: Maitland Ward who had been seen as Rachel McGuire during the last 2 seasons of ABC’S “Boy Meets World” through 1998 to 2008. After serving as a Sit Com actress for all those years she made sudden change in career path after her journal titled “Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me from Hollywood” which was her first work as a adult film star released on Sep 6, in which she narrated her sudden change in career path.

Maitland Ward reveals her reason of leaving Hollywood after all controversy | 2022 | Boys Meets World
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“I think it’s an inspiring story for every women,”Ward, said to Fox News Digital. “It’s about living as per your choices and not letting others decide what you need to do. For very long, Hollywood as always made me believe that I can only perform in a certain way and I am not made for improvising. This Industry always tries to keep you inside a box and not letting you explore. So, now I was at this point when I realized that I need to my thing. Now I feel my true self, you will always be surrounded by people who will try to stop you, especially when you are a woman. I felt so relieved realizing that I was finally doing something which I liked. I think this is true for everyone for any field. Rather my story is a bit controversial”.

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Maitland Ward a young Californian girl discussed her past saying that she had always dreamt to be an actress. In Initial days of her acting career she played the role of Jessica Forrester on an American Television Show “The Bold and the Beautiful” through 1994 to 1996. After moving from soap opera, she moved onto work on a new project of Michael Jacobs which was a lighthearted American Comedy Show “Boy Meets World“. So, as a young girl, ward joined a small but talented group of actors.

“I was welcomed with open arms, they were really nice to me”, Ward further added. “It was so strange at first walking into a set of cast which seemed like a smooth-running machine and that they were actually living those characters in their real life too. They were all so polished and perfect at what they were doing together. At first I was nervous just as a kid when he first enters a University but then gradually I adapted as per the requirement and I really had a awesome experience during the show”.

Moving forward after “Boy Meets World”, she acted in the 2004 movie named “White Chicks“, and eventually she realized that she was restricted to a similar genre.

She said “I knew I wasn’t made for Hollywood, but I wanted to stick around, “Ward quoted. “I kept trying hard to improvise and better myself. I’m not a girl who gives up so easily. But as the days passed my confidence went down. When you’re hired you are wanted to be in a particular way and look in that way. But if you be like that forever you’ll never be successful. The thing that makes you successful is the thing that stops you from getting recruited for something different”.

“Hollywood is a industry that makes you famous and then it starts eating you from within and tear you apart”, she added “I think there are many actors who are facing this problem, primarily if you have been on a famous American prime-time series. It’s hard to break out the shackles if you are caught deep within it. I wanted to try so many different things acting wise, wanted to play dramatic roles, negative roles and even emotional roles. I just wanted to improvise and and excel myself in different aspects of acting. But I wasn’t allowed to do so and to be seen differently. And eventually it started haunting me” and So, she chose a different career path.

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