Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford are dating as Billie confirmed it publicly | 2022

Billie Eilish had made her affair with Jesse Rutherford public by showing her concern for him on social media. She has been seen with Jesse frequently lately and fans were speculating about their relationship.

Billie was seen kissing, hugging, holding hands of Jesse and going on a walk. They were also seen on a dinner date last Tuesday 18th October 2022 at a restaurant La Mirch.

They were even witnessed walking together having their hands around the waist as they move towards their car “Volkswagen Beatle”.

The couple has been seen dating twice in a short span of time. After Billie made her relationship public she was seen with Jesse at the Halloween event held at Universal Studios.

Jesse could also be spotted at the Universal Studio’s bathroom which was later posted on Instagram stories by Billie’s 25 yr old younger brother who is also the Finneas’s Co-Writer.

Jesse and Billie were also got sighted on a dinner date at Crossroads Kitchen in Las Vegas. Which also turns out to be a vegan restaurant whose major Partner is Travis Barker husband of Kourtney Kardashian.

Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford are dating as Billie confirmed it publicly 2022
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Billie have always kept her relationships private in past but this time she didn’t kept it a secret and revealed it in front of everyone. Billie in an interview with Roman Kemp Radio Show during a Capital Breakfast in 2020 said that she prefers to keep her love life “private” in order to avoid controversies.

She further said :”I have had quite a few relationships in past and I have always preferred to keep it private, some relationships were miserable and I regret to have those. Also keeping things private have always helped me to be out of controversies and given me some private space.”

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“I have seen many people who have made their love life public and I always think what if it didn’t last and you end up being separated. This questions haunts me and so I don’t believe it to be a good practice.”

Billie had some relationships in past which includes some big names like Brandon Quentin Adams, who’s a rapper by profession and American actor Mathew Tyler Vorce.

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