Ben Feigin “Schitt’s Creek” Producer died at the age of 47

Ben Feigin, who is the Executive producer of a renowned sitcom show “Schitt’s Creek” and CEO at Equation Unlimited , LLC died at the 47 after fighting a long war with pancreatic cancer. He was a well known figure and his show Schitt’s Creek won many major awards which includes Primetime Emmy Award 2019, Canadian Screen Award 2016 and Bell Media Awards for consecutive years.

His death was confirmed by his Ex-employer from the United Talent agency yesterday on 27 October, 2022. Feigin acted Primarily as a Executive Producer for show ‘Schitt’s Creek’ and he was the major individual behind the huge success of the show. He is praised as the major architect behind the huge success of the show globally. Apart from this he had even directed the additional shots for the series which includes documentary “Best Wishes”, Warmest Wishes: A Schitt’s Creek Farewell, which was a unique experience for the fans.

The final season for “Schitt’s Creek” came in the year 2020, and for Season 6 which was the last season of the show Feigin received huge appreciation from the fans and critics and he goes on to win Emmy Award under the Best Producer of a Television Sitcom, the show also won Golden Globe Award under the category Best Comedy & Musical Television series. Fiegin was also awarded with GLAAD Award for Outstanding Comedy Series for two consecutive years 2020 & 2021.

Ben Feigin Schitt's Creek Producer died at the age of 47
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Feigin was born in the city of Maryland, Silver Spring. Before he started working with Warner Bros he completed his higher studies from the University of California. Feigin didn’t looked back in his career, as later he joined hands with William Morris where he came across to his love of life and finally got married. He founded his own production company named “The Collective and Amblin Entertainment

Feigin later in his career worked as a co-producer in several all-time hit shows which included “ER“, “Friends” and “The Best Wing“.

Feigin promoted his relations with AOL which served as his first live event for his production career. He also played a major role in reuniting the famous Comedy Duo Chong & Cheech, he produced the 2008’s “Chong & Cheech: Roasted” their famous concert movie in 2010 “Chong & Cheech: Hey Watch This,” they closed their first official deal.

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Feigin signed up his secretive content in the year 2006, he founded the first comedy division under his production company.

Feigin had also donated most of his income to several organization and welfare societies, he donated actively to the Creative Arts agency on behalf of Barack Obama and in Chicarp Art Movement during the inauguration of Grammy Museum.

He was a lecturer at the University of California, New York University, Los Angeles for a short period of time. Additionally, he had lead a simple life with always having a tendency to help the person who are need. He was a major philanthropist for Gilda’s Club World, StandUp2Cancer, The Creative Coalition, Tony Hawk Foundation.

His last rites will be performed on Thursday in Hollywood Hills at Mount Sinai Cemetry. Anyone who is willing to donate can make a generous donation to Fiegin’s cancer organization StandUpToCancer.

Feigin family is now left with his wife, Heidi and his daughter Ellie, 11 years old.

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