Babyface finally got married to Nicole Patenburg | known for her role in ‘Moesha’ | 2022

Babyface has always been in the news for his relationships, Nicole Patenburg who is Babyface’s ongoing wife who turns out be not only wife to a big superstar but also a magnificent dancer. It’s already evident from her autobiography that apart from being a dancer she is a great actress too. Nicole had to struggle during the initial days of her career, she even had to dance as as background dancer. She did a background dance for her friend Janet Jackson in a music album “if” released back in 1997.

Relationships are always tough to maintain if you are a celebrity and to maintain a good image in front of public sometimes gets tricky. Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds has been familiar with this situation as he already had a divorce in the past. After his first fruitless marriage he had a second marriage with Nicole Patenburg, who is a dancer and an actress.

Patenburg has also featured in some television shows as guest appearances. Some of the her well known guest appearances were in comedy shows like Chasing Papi, Moesha and Longshot. And speaking of her career as a dancer she featured in Your Love a Television show released back in 1998 based on her imdb account.

Babyface finally got married to Nicole Patenburg known for her role in Moesha 2022
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Nicole acted in Moesha as a teenage girl ‘Teresa‘ in almost every episodes of season 2. She was a high school girl in the show whose best friend was Moe, going forward their friendship gets bitter when ‘Kim’ Moesha’s close friend becomes uncomfortable with the bond between Moesha and Teresa and charges Teresa of breaking up with her boyfriend. After these events Moesha becomes doubtful of Kim and confessed to Teresa, to which she oppose. But the blow is already done and then Kim and Moesha decides to put up a fight during a boxing competition.

Babyface finally revealed her split-up

The couple couple got married back in 2014, before getting married they were in a relationship for seven long years. Several celebrities attended their wedding which includes Oprah Winfrey and Brune Ruin.

Fans got really shocked and excited in the same place after hearing to Babyface’s announcement. Babyface in an interview with BET accompanied by his fellow team member Toni Braxton and some friends stated: ” Are you planning on getting married the second time? interviewer asked. “Yeah I have given a thought to it”, Babyface replied. “And speaking of which I am engaged, well yes I am planning to get married”.

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Babyface ended his first marriage after thirteen years staying together, the “Waiting to Exhale” track composer announced publicly that he is going to give divorce. “It make me really sad to say but after living together with so many years and giving a serious thought about it we have mutually decided to part our ways. We both completely respect each other’s decision and we will continue to share love and care of our daughter and make sure that she don’t get affected by it”, they conveyed this message in a mutual statement given to TMZ, “I request everyone to give us privacy to us and our family especially our daughter, as you must know these are hard times for her. And I would also like to request you all to please support us and pray for the well being of our family”.

Babyface was earlier married to Tracey Edmonds

Kenneth Brian Edmonds aka ‘Babyface’ before getting married to Nicole Patenburg, Tracey Edmonds was his first wife until 2005 when they both got separated. They were a adorable couple as for several years they lived happily together and even had a daughter. They went on to start their own production company which gave many successful songs, movies and television shows. But after staying together for 13 long years they decided to move on and got separated.

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