Avatar: The Way of Water new Trailer is out, James Cameron celebrate it with fans | 2022

James Cameron is back with his Iconic Avatar series and finally fans will be seeing this iconic movie sequel to Avatar released in 2009.

On 2nd November 2022, the studio which have produced some iconic movies like Marvel’s X-Men series, Star War series and one of the most successful movie on Box Office worldwide “Avatar” is 20th Century Studios. The studio have released the trailer of the most awaited Avatar: The Way Of Water which is all set to hit theaters after a long wait of 12 years by the fans.

The most anticipated sequel to Avatar is starred with old cast from the previous part, which majorly includes Neytiri portrayed by ‘Zoe Saldana‘ and Sully (played by Sam Worthington), they both will be playing parents to new adventures their kids will explore in this part.

Cameron have already revealed that the Avatar franchise will be comprised of 4 parts. And the first of the four parts series in this Sci-fi journey will start with Neytiri’s & Jake family and their troubles they face during this journey, and the things they do to overcome these obstacles. In this journey their main concern is to keep their family safe, and keep their family alive from all external life threatening events depicts the overall plot of the movie.

The new trailer for Avatar 2 which was released recently which is receiving immense love from fans all over the world. The trailer is of duration 2 minute and 27 seconds. In the trailer we could see beautiful shots from underwater, oceans and shots from the marvelous fictional planet Pandora, further we see Jake’s family and their children Kiri, we felt the unknown connection with a character named Eywa who belongs to Navi tribe, they are the ones who maintain a nature balance suited for habitat.

Avatar The Way of Water new Trailer is out, James Cameron celebrate it with fans 2022
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“Dad, I realize that you find me to be crazy”, This can be heard by Kiri referring to Jake in the trailer itself. ” But I know what it feels like. She is so close and I can even feel her heartbeat.”

Jake asks Kiri, his daughter in between a scene which depicts Pandora’s entire biosphere: “So, what it feels like after hearing her heartbeat”. and Kiri replied “something different and unique”.

In the trailer we could even witness a fresh conflict of interest among the Navi Tribe and the humanity which Neytiri and Jake build from the Pandora planet in the original part released 2009.

Navi Tonowari (played by Cliff Curtsis) is the new character who have been introduced in this sequel. In the Trailer we can see Navi telling Jake that it’s impossible for him even with Neytiri’s help “we can’t just start the war in pandora”, meanwhile there’s another character who have been introduced “Loak” who is seen narrating the flow of water in terms of connection the dots between life and death.

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Neytiri and Jake with their whole family went on to face Navi in a war which will result in the extinction of the Pandora planet, underneath the ocean and the sky in the recently released trailer, Neytiri is said to be with Jake in the final clips of the trailer.

Jake is heard saying to Neytiri with high flames in the background “Our family needs you, just don’t be afraid”.

The studio 20th Century is really excited for this movie as they celebrate this trailer with the fans on Wednesday. They organised an event which featured some of the iconic shots and clips from the new trailer and in addition to that there was a marvelous lighting show which stunned the fans.

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