Alec Baldwin strikes back on Rob Schneider’s over his controversy on the show regarding Trump

Rob Schneider a old ‘SNL’ star recently during the show Saturday Night Live raised harsh comments over a sketch . So, now Alec Baldwin has taken a stand to defense for the show in order to do so there was a recent instagram post on Thursday, Rob Schneider a 17 time SNL time host stated “must be an incredibly slow news cycle if we’re talking about Rob Schneider’s thoughts about Kate McKinnon playing Hillary Clinton so many years ago” While on the other side Baldwin quoted that he found Rob Schneider to be “very, very funny” and also framed that he had “great success” while he was of a Host at the show.

Alec Baldwin strikes back on Rob Schneider's over his controversy on the show regarding Trump

Baldwin said one must be really sensitive when they speak against people for their judgement. He added when people think more of their actions after the judgement they end feel feeling guilty. Baldwin, who had been frequently characterized as Donald Trump for 2016 to 2020, also nonetheless he had stated the former president a “maniac” and according to him Hollywood must be more rigid on rightist personality like Schneider.

In addition to it Baldwin quoted “I hear that these conservatives say that there’s a bias against them, and I think that’s unfortunate” also “There’s people that I know, and I won’t name them, who are conservatives, who are arch-conservatives… Trump is the only president in our country’s history who has served as president and was unchanged by the process. It must be tough for the Rob Schneiders of the world. It must be tough that your man is a maniac.”

In an Interview with prior FOX News reporter Glenn Black, Rob Schneider slammed Kate McKinnon who represented Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” in a 2016 post election campaign during Hillary Clinton. It was at this moment when Schneider realized that modern comedy had a great influence to “indoctrinate” the viewers.

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Baldwin in his Instagram post, also mentioned that he agreed with the statement that Schneider gave on Trump as a judgement. The statement included Schneider saying that Trump is a parody, further explaining his statement he said he wanted to take him over on a different level. Baldwin then clarified that not every episodes of SNL can be acceptable, every work has its flaws and people tend to make mistakes as “SNL” is a live show on television and its not that easy to control your actions ans emotions.

Further Baldwin added speaking of “SNL” episodes if you compare it with an actor’s career, we usually judge a actor on many aspects like the genre of movies, acting, content and also if see under which director he has been really successfully. Similarly, if we see with respect to “SNL” one must divide the episodes into segments and in that way we can see that one segment is good and other isn’t and so on. This idea will push people to look towards a picture rather than sitting and criticising everything that is shown on the episode.

Baldwin then said that they’re going to do their 50th Season in a couple of years, so they’ve got to make this right. He definitely like Lorne creator of “SNL” and he really liked working with them. SNL completed their 47th season last May. Entertainment Weekly announced last Thursday that few cast members Alex Moffat, Melissa Villaseñor & Aristotle Athari have already quitted the show before the start of 48th season.

On the other hand people have outburst-ed over this controversy, some are raising concerns against The Saturday Night Live saying that they are being one sided against Trump. People Know that Trump had made some statements in the past for which he must be criticized and that he is a low hanging fruit. But as “SNL” being a Live show people are expecting it to be more unbiased and speak against everyone who is in power and committing a mistake.

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