Akon remebered the days with Eminem when they produced ‘Smack That’ 2022

Akon shares his memories back from the time when he joined hands with Rap God ‘Eminem‘ and delivered back to back chartbusters.

During Akon’s recent Podcast in the show ‘The Bootleg Kev‘, he mentioned some fond memories when he used to work with Dr. Dre and Eminem.

“I really feel amused when I remember those days, but one thing really leaves me confused is the fact that I have produced every track which I have made till date, excluding the Smack that which was originally produced by Eminem. He was a man who much much into low sounds, he always noticed the minute details with respect to everything, and that’s the reason Eminem used to rule the Billboard charts back then.”

Akon also remembered the fact that he wasn’t expecting Eminem to be so perfect at Production but he surely surpassed his expectations. Akon first met Eminem when he brought his idea of collaboration with Eminem during a tour in Detroit. Eminem then asked Slim Shady to help him with his new track so that he could collab with Akon.

Akon remebered the days with Eminem when they produced Smack That
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“He handed me a folder with a wide collection of 30 tracks. And among those 30 tracks I finally decided to work on 5 tracks. Ans after working on all those 5 tracks and the only that stood apart from every other was the iconic track ‘Smack That’. And I was “Bro, that’s it” Akon said.

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“The moment he heard the track, in excitement he said “Yes, this is the track which will force people to groove. And Akon said: “I guess what, people will get go crazy after hearing this, and this is surely gonna be the chart-buster track. And that’s everything we ever heard excluding everything we did to make this possible. But you know what, I have still kept those records with me because there are somethings that lasts forever. And I think going into the future people will crave for those tracks.”

The song ‘Smack That’ which released back in the year 2006 under Akon’s Album named ‘Konvicted‘, got a earth shattering response from the fans and have around 570 millions stream times on Spotify and nearly 1 Billion views on YouTube. It has been recorded as the 15th most viewed song by Akon under Catalog by Marshall and Akon’s all time most hit song ever.

Song Smack That by Akon

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